Clarke Quay

Staycation for National Day: Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

Suggested Itinerary for Staycation on National Day

12pm-2pm: Buffet at The Square Restaurant at Novotel. Reasonably priced and decent food.

2pm-4pm: Check in to Novotel, rest and let the buffet digest. Remember to request for the Marina Bay View.

If you book the executive floor or the premier suite (up to 2 adults and 2 children), just tell the check-in receptionist and s/he will buzz you up to the 24th floor Premier Lounge for a comfortable and express check-in.

The Premier Lounge opens from 6am to 11pm with complimentary internet access with broadband and wireless system; complimentary use of Premier Lounge Meeting Room (2 hours a day); complimentary secretarial services; and a library. There is a no child under 12 policy.

While you are waiting to be checked-in, there are complimentary drinks and snacks. But the check-in process was so swift that we only took a sip of our OJ and it was done.

To our surprise, we got the same suite as the one we had in 2006. There are three separate areas: the lounge area, which can be separated from the bedroom by a sliding door, and the bathroom.

The view from the lounge area room:

Oops, we jumped on the huge-ass bed before we took this photo. Can sleep 2 sumo wrestlers or 4 average sized bodies:

A suggestion I’d like to make is to include a ceiling light in the bedroom, not just the two side lights.

View from the bedroom, with a smaller television (than the lounge room):

If you forget to bring your iphone charger, no worries. This deck charges iphone as it plays music.

Mum HP
Missed Call

Sorry, mom, enjoying life here. No time to pick up your call.

The bathroom is gigantic! The wardrobe is in the bathroom, which makes sense.

The tub is 4-in-1: there is a rain shower, a normal shower, a normal bath tub, and a jacuzzi.

One of the plus points of Novotel is how environmentally friendly it is. There are little notes reminding to us to help the environment. For instance, the complimentary bottles of shower gel, etc, are made of recycled plastic.

A suggestion is to include a full-length mirror in the bathroom since it is where the wardrobe is.

4pm – 6pm: BBC says that the best time for an optimal workout is from 4pm to 6pm. True story.

You can choose to swim. Access from the secret passageway on 6th for privacy if you don’t want to go through The Square Restaurant. Huge pool.

Or you can choose to gym. While the gym is rather tiny, everything you need is here. We did some serious weightlifting because we were partying tonight. Skipped the cardio though, oops.

6pm – 8pm: If you haven’t managed to get a Marina Bay view–hurry, we heard the rooms are filling up–don’t fret. Suite customers can come to the Premier Lounge for happy hours, providing free canapes and alcohol, as you watch the NDP parade on TV.

When you hear booming sounds, remember to look out of the window and this is what you’ll see:

OR 6pm-8pm: If it’s not National Day, you can walk around Clarke Quay. Novotel is very, very convenient. I forgot to bring my hair wax, just take the lift to ground floor and buy at Liang Court. Liang Court and Novotel share the same building.

Speaking of Liang Court, we were walking around when we ran into Barney the Purple Dinosaur and also these sumo guys:

The guy in blue belt was really in his role! He frowned, scrunched up his face, and clenched his fist. Awesome!

8pm – 10pm: Return to your room, rest, watch some TV–fantastic channels–and doll up for Clarke Quay. PARTY UP, PEOPLE!

10pm – late night: PARTY PARTY PARTY. It’s Clarke Quay!

Next Morning

6pm – 10.30 am: Don’t forget your complimentary breakfast at The Square. It is really one of the more extensive hotel breakfast buffets we have seen, from yogurts to pancakes, breads, eggs in different forms, congee, fried bee hoon, prata, etc.

If you stay in the premier suite, you have an option of The Square or Premier Lounge for breakfast. We compared the two: The Square has more varieties but the Premier Lounge has better quality, as shown in the following photos.

10.30am – 12 pm: Return to hotel room and pack up to check out.

There is an old saying, “Once you enter Clarke Quay, you’d never want to leave.” Really, just ask the SPGs. On a serious note, we are energized by the staycation. The bed is so comfortable that you don’t want to leave it. It was a miracle we could leave the room to gym and swim. We almost always order room service wherever we go because room service food is superb! We never have bad room service food before. It’s a pity that Novotel keeps us so full that we have no chance to try the food. Next time we visit, we must order in.

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

177A River Valley Road
Singapore 179031
T: +65 6338 3333

PS: We thank John and Novotel for this wonderful staycation.


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