Superstar K, Tanjong Pagar (K Town)

It’s hard being a lorry driver. I drive all day and night and had time for dinner at only 10pm. My pen-pushing, keyboard-pressing friend, Mr NGFL, has just finished work too. Every Friday night, we would eat Korean food so we headed to K Town and stumbled into Superstar K. Superstars entering Superstar K–what an epic moment.

Once you start work, kids, you’d know how awesome it is to kick back with a beer, even though we are not big drinkers. A huge bottle of Hite beer only costs $9 here! Thank you for alcoholic cultures (Korean and Japanese) driving the prices low.

Obviously not meant for first dates or lingerers, the stools are made to be uncomfortable so that you can eat and leave but the ventilation is one of the best we have experienced. We won’t say the BBQ scent won’t be on your clothes, but at the very least, it isn’t heavy.

The complimentary kimchi selection is very thoughtful and varied: only the cabbage has the red bean-paste kimchi sauce. The rest are ikan bilis, tao-gay, mash potato and a green veg. But wait, that’s not all. There is also a complimentary HUGE bowl of steamed egg. It comes piping hot. (Can you see the steam in the photo?) It’s watery but it’s free!

Do you, by now, see what the speciality of the shop is? CHARCOAL GRILL!!! On the scale of one to ten of awesome, it scores a perfect Hunger-Games twelve!

The server recommends the specialties, back ribs ($18) and beef ribs ($25) and says they are enough for two. Two babies, maybe. For two adult males who are starved the entire day, order three BBQ items.

Sidetrack: Korean restaurants can be a bit snotty to non-Korean-speakers but not here. The service here is top-notched. Even though their English isn’t good, they are patient and gesticulate nicely. They smile! How rare in Korean restaurants in Singapore. They even help us BBQ our food.

Back to the food, the back ribs are better, more tasty, than the beef ribs but they are both good. Very shiok with beer. While Mr NGFL says he has had better, I, starving, thought the food was ambrosia. In reality, the food is definitely better than average.

No gst, 10% svc charge, we paid a total of $58 for two kinds of ribs and a big bottle of beer. The pricing is quite standard but we wish the serving was more generous. Still, food is great–CHARCOAL GRILL!!!–and wonderful service; if only the restaurant is more conducive for conversations, we would be back more often.

Superstar K
75 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088496
t: 6224 0504

Closed on Monday

Rating: 3.563/5 superstars

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Categories: $20-$40, Korean, Tanjong Pagar

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  1. Seems like we have been going to the same places ;) Was there 2 sats ago. As you said food was great! You may want to try their cold noodles next round. Quite shiok too.


  2. Last night first time to try tis restaurant. The food just nice if compare with others korea restaurant I will choose others korea restaurant.
    Environment not comfortable and maybe not enough staff so the service is poor the staff not free to serve us. Most sad case is their count wrong bill to me add one more item I never order when on the way back just saw it.


  3. Environment not comfortable, look like not enough manpower so their service is poor. Food just nice I will choose other korea restaurant. Their count wrong bill add one more item I never order.saw it when I on the way back. Got GST and service charges.
    anyway I won’t go there anymore.


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