Good & Cheap Steak Part I: Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar, Cineleisure Orchard

Decor & atmosphere: According to Chiobu, it is opened by the boss of Astons, and he named it after his son. Javier’s is at the food court of Cineleisure, nothing fancy. So this is just fuss-free eating.

There are two types to order. (1) You pay $8.90 and get a huge plate. Then you can fill the plate ONCE as much as you want at the salad bar with hot and cold sides. When I was there, I saw three pretty girls who shared a plate, and they stacked it as high as a small mountain. I asked them if I can take a photo, and one said, “Are you going to STOMP us?” HAHAHA. Teenagers these days are so funny.

Look at the mountain! It was at least 15cm high. $9 shared between 3 girls – that’s $3 each. Clientele: Many students come here. This is truly Students cum Jail Bait Paradise.

(2) Naturally, at my age, I cannot eat junk food anymore.  The other order is: you can order a meat (chicken, beef or ribs) with two sides at varying costs. If you top up $3, you can go to the salad bar and grab as much as you want too. But take note, you don’t get a new plate; your plate already has meat on it, so the space is limited. For the meat, there are different portions you can order: 1/4 chicken, 1/2 chicken or whole. For roast beef, there are 6 oz and 10oz. 1 oz is about 30g. I ordered the beef 6 oz ($14.90).

Look at the insane amount of beef. That is definitely more than 180g. The beef was inconsistent, chewy at parts, tender at parts, and the quality was rather inferior BUT wow, it was tasty. It was salty like char siew sauce, very scrumptious. It was very, very innovative: they used the super savory taste to cover over the bad quality – I admire that way of thinking! And I like it! It’s like if RI takes in top 3% of the best PSLE grades, it better produce top 3% of the O Level results. Javier’s is like a neighbourhood school, taking in not-so-good students, but producing relatively amazing results. The two sides: coleslaw was fine, nothing to write about, a bit bland, and the onion rings were just sad – just 6 pieces???

I really wanted the brussel sprouts, seasonal vegetables only available during Xmas, but there isn’t an option of choosing it as a side because it’s on the buffet table. What a shame. More flexibility is better. It’d be easier for the cooks and the servers if the salad bar were open to the a la carte dishes. It doesn’t have to be buffet style; the server could have scooped it for me with the meat.

In short, if you want cheap delicious Western food and don’t mind the quality or if you’re a student, this place scores.

Javier’s Rotisserie & Salad Bar
8 Grange Rd
Cathay Cineleisure
Su-Th: 1130am-10pm
F-Sa: 11.30-11pm

Rating: 3.250/5 stars


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