Review and Giveaway: Good Ol’ Days Buffet at Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort

Servers dressed in traditional and hawker wear of the 1960s Singapore.

To celebrate Singapore’s independence, Silver Shell Cafe at Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa presents “Good Ol’ Days” Buffet every Thursday for the entire month of August, 6-10pm. The promotion showcases good old hawker fare, with old-skool games (no PSP, no iPads), and cultural performances from the three races.

For the buffet, there are roughly about seven sections displayed in a clear manner.

1. Starters: Cold Dishes, Sushi and Rojak

2. Indian Food

The pratas and murtabaks are made fresh on the spot. The spot is where the curries hit, with a range of assam fish curry, chicken curry and lamb curry.

3. Malay Food

Besides the pictured bergedil (similar to potato croquette) and satay, there are mee rebus and the amazing otah. The otah is old-skool: in a thin sliver, it is grilled so excellently that the smokey scent of charcoal and the fragrance of banana leaf are infused in the spiced fish.

4. Chinese Food

The pure Chinese food is largely represented by the steaming hot dim sum, with siew mai and char siew bao. Is lor mai gai (chicken glutinous rice) purely Chinese or Singapore-influenced? This section is separated from the rest by a wall. Be sure to check it out.

5. Singaporean (Hawker) Food

Carrot Cake

Oyster Omelette

Hokkien Mee with huge fresh prawns


Lor Mee

Chili Crab

Kueh Pie Tee

Kacang Putih and drinks

Besides the pictured food, there are Hainanese chicken rice, herbal chicken, and bak kut teh. My favorites have to the oyster omelette with big, fat oysters and laksa. The spicy broth can’t be beat. I finished every drop of it.

6. Children’s Section is a low table so that children can take the food themselves. The food includes mac-and-cheese, fries, chicken nuggets.

7. Desserts

Besides the usual cakes that Silver Shell Cafe usually serves–the strawberry shortcake is wonderful–there are tau suan, chendol, durian crepe, durian cake, potong ice cream, and assorted nonya kuehs.

Another part of Good Ol’ Days Buffet is that there are many old, pre-computer games such as zero-point, five-stones, sepak takraw, and various card games (Donkey, Happy Families, Old Maid and Snap).

This is Congkak which I played with one of the PRs, who is originally from Malaysia. Apparently, Singaporeans don’t know how to play this. My Filipino auntie (my uncle’s wife) bought and taught me how to play. We played with tiny seashells then.

If you think that children nowadays don’t know to play these games, you’re wrong. The kids are smarter than you’d think. They were very excited, jumping up and down, and they even made friends. See, get off computer games, be sociable.

Singapore girl (right) with Japanese girl in Singapore Girl uniform (left). Strangely, Japanese like to dress in our SQ girl uniform. I’ve seen a couple walking around in Orchard Road.

United Colors of Benetton

The photo is blurred because the boy was so excited he was skipping up and down.

Another feature of the promotion is that there are cultural dances.

Chinese dance: 仙女下凡 (fairies descend to earth).

Indian dance: 3-man pyramid

The Indian dance was very well-received. Everyone was cheering and clapping.

Malay Dance

The Malay dancers got some kids up to dance with them.

The Indian dancers taught us how to dance: this step is called “change lightbulb,” raise up your hands and turn and turn.

You can also take a group photo with them at the end of the performance.

Overall, this promotion was super fun, for kids and for adults. I was very excited at the decor and food, jumping up and down, exclaiming, “Oooh I know this. OMG, I haven’t seen this for so long.”

Price: $58+ for adult; $25+ for child.

Silver Shell Cafe

101 Siloso Road
Level 3
Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort
Singapore 098970
T: 6371 1966/ 6371 1970

Buffet Dinner: 6-10pm daily (Meet the Meat on Wednesdays)


Rasa Sentosa Resort has very kindly given RERG two dining vouchers*–each voucher allows two adults–worth $270 for Good Ol’ Days buffet. Triple your chances to win:

1. Share the link on facebook (showing “via Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow.”)

2. Retweet

3. Leave a comment** to answer this question: 2 Aug is the first Good Ol’ Days. What are the four other dates that Good Ol’ Days will be held?

Contest ends on 5 Aug, 2359hr. Good luck!

*Terms and conditions apply to vouchers.
**We will reply “noted” to your comment but it doesn’t mean the answer is correct.


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  1. 2 Aug is the first Good Ol’ Days. What are the four other dates that Good Ol’ Days will be held?

    9th August 2012
    16th August 2012
    23rd August 2012
    30th August 2012


  2. 2 Aug is the first Good Ol’ Days. What are the four other dates that Good Ol’ Days will be held?

    9 aug, 16 aug, 23 aug and 30 aug 2012 :)

    Facebook name: Samantha Chen
    Twitter name: Minimilim


  3. 2 Aug is the first Good Ol’ Days. What are the four other dates that Good Ol’ Days will be held?

    9th August 2012, 16th August 2012, 23rd August 2012, 30th August 2012!! =D


  4. Hi RERG!

    Thanks for running this giveaway with Rasa Sentosa Resort!

    I have completed the following 3 tasks for 3 chances:

    1. Have shared the link on facebook (showing “via Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow.”).
    URL is https://www.facebook.com/Elaine4059/posts/468736769817235

    2. I have followed you on Twitter, retweeted as well as tweeted the giveaway!
    Twitter name: @Elaine4059
    The tweet link is https://twitter.com/Elaine4059/status/231760282832216064

    3. Answers are 9 Aug 12, 16 Aug 12, 23 Aug 12 and 30 Aug 12

    4. Email: elaineechang@yahoo.com.sg

    Hope to be able to celebrate this joyous national occasion at Silver Shell Cafe of Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa with my family on the house!

    Elaine Chang


  5. I’ve been wanting to eat here but haven’t got the chance. Would love to win this giveaway so that I finally can! :D The other Good Ol’ Thurs-Days are Aug 9, 16, 23 and 30th. Hope I win! :)


  6. Answer: The four other dates are 9 Aug, 16 Aug, 23 Aug and 30 Aug 2012.
    Have shared the Facebook link & retweeted.
    FB name: Pei Chwen


  7. The four other days are on 9th August 2012, 16th August 2012, 23rd August 2012 and 30th August 2012. I have shared on facebook (Jenny Soo) and twitter (@introspectives). Thank you!


  8. The four other dates that Good Ol’ Days will be held are on 9th August 2012, 16th August 2012, 23rd August 2012 and 30th August 2012. I am salivating at your food photos already – the spread looks absolutely delish. Thank you for the write up and the giveaway! I have shared on both facebook (Wena Ho) & twitter (@1nfinitebliss) as well. :)


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