Reevaluating Dim Sum Classics Part I: Red Star Restaurant 红星酒家, Chinatown Singapore

Red Star is legendary and probably the most renowned dim sim restaurant in Singapore. My friends told me if you come on a weekend morning, you have to queue for a long time. The charm of Red Star is that it’s old school. Old school decor of the 80s with the metal framed chairs. Old school pushcarts for dim sum.

Unfortunately, the charm ends there. We tried most of the traditional dim sum, char siew bao, har gow, siew mai, xiao long bao, cheong fun, carrot cake and congee. We even had the platter of roasted meat and finished the meal with desserts, almond jelly and mango pudding in hopes to find one reason, one good dish to talk about. This is none. None of the dishes is good. Really CMI leh. The skin of the dim sum is either too hard or too thick or stick together. The taste is either too salty or too under-flavored.

And it isn’t cheap, we spent $70-$80 for two. (Well, ok, this meal could feed 3-4 persons.) This is a disappointing trip for us. Red Star has to revamp and keep up with the times. If not, sooner or later, it will close. We would rather go to the nearby Mouth Restaurant, which in our opinion, is the best dim sum in Singapore.

Red Star Restaurant 红星酒家
Blk 54 Chin Swee Road
Singapore 160054
T: 65325266

Daily: 7am-3pm

Rating: 2/5 red stars (for food alone)
3.315/5 red stars(including other factors such as decor, service, etc).  


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