Staycation: Shangri La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1…

At this point, Rae joined Ching and me after her meeting and they introduced to me the 10 different types of room in the 454-room hotel. For families, it is best to get the Family Garden View Room ($400-$580)* or the Family Pool View Room ($380-$560)*. The rooms have the disadvantage of being on the ground level but they can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children, they have lawns which you can dine. For throwing small parties, you don’t need to get a suite, which is expensive. Just get the terrace pool view ($500-$680)* or terrace sea view ($550-$730)*. The latter room has an extended balcony that overlooks the South China Sea, and your guests can stand there. The toilet has a full view of the sea too.

Rasa Sentosa Resort had kindly given me a Panorama Room ($370-$550)*, great for couples. It is super romantic. As you can see from the photos above, the open concept bathroom opens up all the way to the seaview. Sorry for the bad photography skills, but you can see the sea clearly from the bathroom. One night, I soaked in the bathtub and watched TV, which is in front of the bed.

To let you have a clearer view of the room, this is what I saw when I approached the balcony:

View from the balcony:

I’m not a morning person. But it felt invigorating and exciting to wake up in the morning to face the sea. Couldn’t wait for the day to start!

Perhaps one minor point is the balconies offer little privacy since they are rather close together. This problem goes back to the architecture of the building. In the past, Singaporeans had more of a kampung spirit and made friends easily with neighbors. So the architecture worked. But these days, Singaporeans value privacy and lose that friendly spirit to interact.

The PRs then left me alone in the room. I took a shower and napped a bit before our food tasting at The Boxing Crab. When Hookerlily, Yan Dao and Chiobu arrived at the hotel, we went to the concierge to ask how to get to Boxing Crab. Lorenzo, the Filipino concierge, pointed us the way. We took five steps out of the lobby and onto the road and suddenly, Lorenzo appeared on a buggy and offered us a buggy ride to the restaurant!! He was so fast! Like magic. A proactive service is the BEST kind of service. We were very impressed by the service and wanted to tip him. As you know, Singaporeans are very niao (cheap), so to want to tip someone, he or she must have done an exceptional job. (We didn’t tipped in the end because we didn’t have small change.)

(We are quite sure that we were anonymous to the concierge and other service staff because we weren’t given preferential treatment and there were too many hotel guests to remember our faces. We are not big shots, no reason for them to be informed of our stay. Other guests were treated similarly, we noticed.)

After dinner, we felt guilty for over-eating so we took a tour of the gym. Research shows that just thinking about exercise burns calories. True story.

Hookerlily exclaimed, “OMG, look at the state-of-art treadmills. It has a TV built in it and you can plug in your iphone to play music. The treadmill is even better than my [$150-a-month] gym’s.” I didn’t know Hookerlily knows the term “state-of-art.”

They lazed around a bit and left ’round midnight.

The next day, Saturday, the queue for the complimentary breakfast (6am-10.30am) at Silver Shell Cafe was snaking round the bend so I gave up and returned to my room to eat my complimentary fruits for breakfast.

I needed to go to mainland to work for a few hours–sad life, working on Saturday–and guess what? The transport was free. Getting in and out of Sentosa is free for hotel guests. One thing I like about Rasa Sentosa is its generosity. If you are driving, when you need to get out, just ask for a complimentary parking ticket from the concierge.

Afternoon, my two lo-kun (doctor) friends came over and we watched TV as we studied for our individual exams. (They are specializing.) Then, we visited the private beach, spread on the deck chairs and chatted. This was the life.

We returned to the room to drink wine. My third brush with the excellent service came when I asked for three wine glasses from room service. Like Batman, my friends suddenly had to leave and so we didn’t need the glasses anymore. I walked them down to the carpark and when I got up, I saw a China pageboy waiting patiently outside my room with three wine glasses. I quickly apologized, “I’m so sorry. I should have called and informed you that we no longer need the glasses. But there wasn’t time to call. Please take this tip as a form of gratuity.”

And his reaction? The polite China pageboy was smiling and said, “It’s perfectly fine.” And he politely refused my tip. (Inwardly, I was thinking, “YES! Save my money.” I am so stingy.) But seriously, how amazing is the service. He didn’t have a shade of displeasure and he wasn’t doing a service out of money.

The next day, I thought I should check out the complimentary breakfast so I woke up at 8am and went down without washing my face or brushing my teeth.

Carefully arranged the french toast:


Although the restaurant isn’t strictly halal, there is a wide selection of food without pork, including appam:

Whatever breakfast food you can think of, it is present here at Silver Shell Cafe: congee, yam cake, muffins, doughnuts, mee siam, prata, eggs in all form, etc. The popular items are: smoked salmon, sunny side up, waffles, pancakes. Must queue for these. But seriously, NEVER, NEVER leave Silver Shell Cafe without eating the laksa.

When I was checking-out of the hotel, I wanted to pay to extend my stay. Too bad I was alone and had to work the next day.

Rasa Sentosa Resort is truly an enjoyable quick getaway. It is in Singapore but it is unlike Singapore in many ways. A solution if you have no time to travel but want a break. Whatever kinks you have, the service staff is always happy to help iron out. If I want to throw a party or have a romantic staycation, I’ll back.

Directions to Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort

If you’re not driving, free shuttle buses for hotel guests are available from Harbourfront Tower 1 and the hotel lobby from 9am to 11pm, 20 minutes interval between the buses.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort

101 Siloso Road
Singapore 098970
T: 6275 0100

*Estimated room rates are quoted in SGD for two adults with breakfast, subjected to tax and service charges.


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