Thai To Go (Delivery), Sembawang

Lackadaisical day. (Isn’t it such a beautiful word? If you lack-a-daisy, it means lacking enthusiasm, lethargic.) So we googled “food delivery in Singapore” and the halal certified Thai To Go is one of the first to pop out. Sadly, “Thai To Go” doesn’t deliver a-go-go boys or girls! How disappointing?

Service: We tried the website–which didn’t work for us–and so we called them. They explained the website was down but could take our orders on the phone. The first lady, however, didn’t know how to take our orders and had to pass the phone to a second lady. That being said, they were very nice about it.

The pad thai tasted as flat as it looked.

The stuffed chicken wings were soggy, bland and greasy.

We ordered stuffed chicken wings (2 pcs, $4), spring rolls (3 pcs, $3.50), green curry chicken (small $5.50), pad Thai ($6.50), rice ($0.70), and a Thai ice tea ($2). Including a delivery charge of $3, we paid a total of $29.20 for two people. In general, everything was either bland (chicken wings) or overly salty (green curry). All the dishes that were supposed to be crisp turned out to be soggy–which is understandable–and every dish was very oily (not understandable). The best dish? Rice, and even that was a tad dry. Suffice to say, we won’t order from them again.

They also have a physical shop space at Sembawang where you can dine in.

Thai to Go

369 Sembawang Road
#01-05 Sembawang Cottage
Singapore 758382

T: 6396 9696

1045am-915pm daily

Rating: 2.238/5 stars


Categories: $0-$20, Halal, Sembawang, Thai

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  1. I have to agree with you. I’ve only ordered from them once, and will never order from there again. The service management is also really bad. I received the wrong food item and couldn’t even exchange for the right food item just because it was “touched”. And they have yet to reply my complaint/feedback on their website.


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