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Launch of Award-Winning Sparkling Wine Jaillance in Singapore

Best-selling French sparkling Jaillance brings two of its wines to Singapore for the first time: brut Sémillon from Bordeaux and demi-sec Muscat, Clairette from Die. These wines have won awards at International Wine Challenge, International Wine and Spirit Competition, Decanter World Wine Awards, the Concours National des Crémants and the Concours Effervescents du Monde.

The suave Mr Oliver Campos, Business Manager of Asia-Pacific, UK and Scandinavia, explained to us the finer details of the wines. For instance, Jaillance only produces sparkling wines so that the highest quality is ensured.


Made entirely from the grape variety of sémillon, the sparkling wine, from the oldest cellar in Bordeaux,  is good as an aperitif. Handpicked to ensure only the best grapes are crushed, the wine has notes of gooseberries, pomelos and hawthorns; and the palatte is soft, creamy, lively and elegant with notes of brioche.

When I compare this wine with Champagne, this wine is definitely easier to consume, less sharp and less bitter. Its versatility also means that it can pair well with many starters. For instance, we were served two types of tartine: beetroot and calamari; and smoked salmon with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Muscat, Clairette

Unlike using the traditional method of making wines, the Muscat-Clairette is made from the ancestral method of not adding yeast or sugar so that fermentation will stop naturally in the bottle when the wine has reached roughly 7% alcohol. Made from 90% Muscat grapes and 10% Clairette grapes, the muscat produces the personality of the wine, giving it a richness and exoticness of passionfruit, mango and lychee while the Clairette acts as a balance, bringing in a refreshing acidity and zestiness.

ALL of us LOVED the wine. The moment I drank it, I thought of bandung. It has an amazing fragrance of rose. We were served several items with the wine but the mushroom veloute or the french bacon-cheese on bread didn’t go particularly well with the wine. The wine, in my opinion, is definitely a dessert wine: it’s not as sweet as moscato (which uses muscat grapes) so you won’t get sick of it. It has a well rounded taste that pairs excellently with ice cream, fruity desserts and cakes. We had the wine with lemon tart.

Best of all? The price.

For more information, visit Jaillance website.

Sémillon $29.90
Muscat, Clairette $26.90

Available at Cold Storage, MarketPlace, Bottles & Bottles
and from early November, FairPrice, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra

PS: Thanks to Zhiyi and her colleagues for the invite.


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