Ellenborough Market Cafe, Swissotel Merchant Court Clarke Quay

From 5-14 Oct 2012, guest chefs from the Swissotel property at Turkey will collaborate with Singapore to present authentic Turkish food. There is even Turkish staff who walk around and introduce the dishes to the customers! All diners stand to win a return flight for two on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and Izmir, including 2 nights stay at Swissotel The Bosphorus and 3 nights stay at Swissotel Grand Efes. I want!!!!

But don’t worry, other buffet dishes are also available (see a thorough introduction of the dishes in these reviews dated Sept 2011 and Apr 2012).

For starters, the most interesting dish is the wedding soup, Dugun Corbasi, the quintessential dish for–surprise!–weddings in Turkey. It isn’t quite equivalent to our shark’s fins, more like lots of butter in stock.

Steamed Fish Stew (Balik Buglama)

Lamb Shank (Kuzu Incik)

Not Tempura Vegetables

For the mains, we were quite surprised how similar Turkish cuisine is like Asian cuisine. The steamed fish stew, that comes in GIGANTIC chucks of fresh fish, is exactly like our Chinese fish soup. The lamb shank is without stench and is tender. The deep fried vegetables are almost similar to tempura vegetables. If you go for dinner, there is also a live station, cooking a Turkish version of ravioli.

The Turkish desserts are mostly sweet with a rather dense texture, ranging from the famous baklava (our favorite that becomes more and more sweet as you chew), almond pudding, and Turkish Delight (which is flown in all the way from Turkey–get it? Turkey flies?–a dough that is soaked completely with sugar water, like the Indian dessert).

Here are some of the highlights from other sections of the buffet:

This fountain of pandan chocolate fondue is very eye-catching isn’t it? A pity it isn’t as tasty as it looks.

On the whole, we were very satisfied with our experience. The Ex, who was my dining partner, has already been here four times this year! Although the range of food isn’t extensive, they are well executed and fresh. I thought the food tasted much better this time than the previous time I came.


Lunch (Sat & Sun): $52+ (adults); $26+ (child)
Dinner (M-Sun): $58+; $29+

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Swissotel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Rd
Singapore 058281

Rating: 3.334/5 stars

PS: Thank you Rainus and Penny for the invite.

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