Menya Musashi Ramen, Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore

Luckily we were at Menya Musashi at 5-plus. When we left at 6-plus, the queue was insane.

Credited as one of the shops in Tokyo to start ramen craze, the decor of the shop is definitely more classy and less rustic than the other small ramen shops in Singapore.

Ontama don ($4.90)

There are three different kinds of broth for ramen: white (pork bones and fish paste); black (fried garlic and onion); and red (chili oil and bean paste).

The difference between black tsukemen (dipping ramen, $14.90) and black kakuni ($14.90, pictured below) is the sauce for dipping ramen is more concentrate and comes with chashu but the soup ramen comes with kakuni (stewed pork). For the tsukemen, you can add up to 5 times the portion of noodles for free.

Since the black ones are the specialities of the shop, we had both of them. To tell the truth, the meal didn’t make an impact on us and among the four ramen places in this series, Menya Musashi is most forgettable. The food was pleasant and passable but not astounding to worth queueing up. We spent $41 for two. New branch at Ion Orchard.

Menya Musashi

252 North Bridge Road
#01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre
T: 6336 6500


Rating: 3.246/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, City Hall, Japanese

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  1. I wanted to try this the other time.. But when I arrived at 6pm. the queue was as what u wrote.. insane. Way too long. had to go else where to satisfy my stomach


  2. As a great fan of ramen, i fully agree with you that Menya Musashi is ‘forgettable’. i just don’t understand what’s the long queue about.


  3. Which ramen would you guys recommend, then? I’ve tried a few (but not this). I thought Ippudo was forgettable too. Baikhoken for the sheer amount of char siew they give you, and Santouka for the extremely tender kurobuta pork cheeks.


  4. As someone who enjoys Musashi in Shinjuku, Tokyo, i was more thsn just disappointed by the quality of ranen n the fact thst their menu is completely different. Noodle is pretty bad esp for tsukemen, things can b any worse… turns out the JP shop sold a license to a local company to use their name but nit the recepi…

    Anyone going to Tokyo should b surprised to find the difference at a flagship shop there. However, Even its flagship shop is no longer one that locals worship with heighten competition in Tokyo.


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