nydc, Wheelock Place

To celebrate nydc’s 17th birthday in Singapore, nydc launches a new menu. The last time I ate at nydc was 10 years ago when I played truant and hung out at the outlet at Holland Village, which was near my school. In my memory, nydc is associated with students and youths. But returning after so long, my eating companion and I were pleasantly amazed by how delicious the food was. nydc isn’t just for teenagers; it’s also good for young working adults, families and large groups.

Picasso Pizza: choose a base ($8.95) and three toppings (about $1.50-$2.50 each topping)

Waldorf with a Hic ($10.80)

Because nydc is sweet 17, almost legal, some of the dishes, such as Waldorf with a *Hic* ($10.80), have slight alcohol content. The Waldorf salad, dressed in lemon mayo, has almond flakes, raisins and whiskey-infused grapes. But skip the entrees, Waldorf and skinny dip chips (tortilla chips with three dips, $13.50) and go straight into the mains and leave space for desserts.

Yankee’s In Town ($14.80)

We tried all the four new mains and liked them all. Romeo and Juliet ($11.80) is similar to baked rice with melted mozzarella and garlic mayo on top: we thought it was a smidgen bland, but this is the dish that was removed from the menu and resurrected due to popular demand. Yankee’s In Town ($14.80) is pieces of chicken and sausages wrapped in bacon, slabbed generously with BBQ sauce, served with wedges and a side salad: this is great for a fast-food junkie but it isn’t anything you couldn’t conjure at home.

Drunken Masta’ (Sober with 1 shot of tequila, $16.80; Drunk 2 shots $18.80; K.O. $20.80)

We would unreservedly recommend the Picasso Pizza and the Drunken Masta’. For the pizza, you create your own by choosing the base sauce and the toppings. You have three choices for a base: signature garlic mayo, blue cheese, and tomato. To test if the signature garlic mayo could take strange combinations, we added toppings of mushroom, meatballs, and Cajun chicken cubes. How weird is the combo?! But our experimental pizza came out tasting really awesome, which probably means, no matter what toppings you choose, your pizza will turn out delicious.

The second alcoholic item, besides the Waldorf, is the Drunken Masta’, seafood stew with tiger prawns, dory fish, clams, and shell pasta, spiked with tequila. Although we added two shots of alcohol, the alcohol must be evaporated in the cooking, leaving the dish fragrant but not intoxicating. This was the dish of the night. The flavors of the seafood blended together with the tomato based soup very well, sweet without being acrid. I do, however, wish there were more pasta.

Bring me to the Dark Side ($11.80)

If you notice the names of the dishes, they are not descriptive, that is, you can’t tell what the dish is from the name. That’s because behind every dish, there is a story. For example, Bring me to the Dark Side ($11.80) is a dish created by a training manager during an in-house competition. His favorite movie? Star Wars, naturally. The dessert is marshmallows and almond flakes trapped between two layers of dark chocolate ice cream, or Darth Vaderize by chocolate.

3-some ($11.80)

Although Dark Side was intense–chocolate lovers will love it–the other winning entry, 3-some ($11.80) is, in my opinion, much superior. Get ready to be sandwiched in a 3-some! The mudpie is three layers: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. It is better because the Dark Side is one-note samba, whereas 3-some has depth and has different layers of taste and texture, crunchy, smooth, sweet, wicked, dense, light all rolled into one. Isn’t 3-some all about flexibility?

For the desserts, focus on the mudpies. But if you like something sour, try the lemon tart, Sourpuss on the Loose ($5.80). It is so kickass sour, no holds barred, that I love it. Why go for half measures? But the crust needs a little tweaking, too doughy at the current state.

Without a doubt, this is one place we will return to.

nydc is having two promotions for Halloween:

1. Photobooth Contest (10 Oct-31 Oct). How to participate:
a. Customers have to accessorize themselves with the props provided.
b.Take a fun shot beside the scary Halloween mannequin
c. Like nydc FB page
d. Upload that photo to their own wall and tag nydc in it, with the caption “Halloween R.I.P…photo @ nydc!”
e. Best 3 photos will be selected by nydc at the end of the contest ie 31 October, and winners will walk away with $100 nydc voucher each.

2. Treat-or-TIX Lucky Dip (from 10 Oct – 24 Oct)
This is a lucky dip for customers who spend $50 or above at nydc. The grand prize of the lucky dip is a pair of tickets to USS Halloween Horror Nights 2 on the 19th – 21st Oct or 25th – 28th Oct. There will be 25 pairs up for grabs.


501 Orchard Rd
#02-19 Wheelock Place
T: 6736 3253
For other outlets, visit the website and facebook.

Rating: 3.438/5 mudpies

PS: Thank you Adlena and Denis for the invite.


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