Tung Lok Recipes at My Humble House: Chicken Stuffed with Foie Gras; Glutinous Rice Ball with Coconut Ice

L to R: David Liew, Executive Chef of My Humble House, and Ken Ling, Senior Executive Chef of Chinois and My Humble House.

It’s an honor to be invited to My Humble House which has won numerous awards at Epicurean Star Award in 2012 and International Star Diamond Award in 2011. My Humble House will represent Singapore in the prestigious World Championship of Chinese Cuisine that takes place in November. We were very lucky because Chef Ken Ling has cooked for Lee Hsien Loong, George Bush, Li Ka-Shing, Jackie Chan, Stephan Chow and Gong Li.

Chef David Liew carefully arranged the dish.

The award-winning pan-seared mao-tai wine-marinated chicken stuffed with foie gras warped in black sesame crepe was the first dish we learned how to cook. It was quite, quite perfect. An extremely well-balanced dish: the buttery texture of the foie gras is counteracted by the crunchy beancurd skin; the richness of the offal has an equipoise in the refreshing cucumber. No wonder it won the prestigious award. And this is the dish that will represent Singapore in the international competition in November.

Can you guess which dish was plated by the chef and which dish was plated by me?

Answer: The dish in the first picture was done by the chef.


Chicken thigh
Chicken breast meat dumpling
Maotai wine 茅台
Star anise
Fresh water chestnut
Steamed foie gras
Black sesame
Black sesame crepe (popiah skin will do)
Cucumber, julienne
Leek, julienne
Ginger flower, julienne
Crispy beancurd skin
Romaine lettuce
Peanut crumbs
Mustard suckling pig sauce
Knorr chicken seasoning powder


1. Marinate chicken thigh with maotai wine, cinnamon, Knorr chicken seasoning powder, water, salt, soy sauce overnight for 12 hours. Drain seasoning and air-dry.

2. Mince chicken breast meat with parsley, water chestnut into a paste. Season with Knorr chicken seasoning powder. Roll into balls to make filling for black sesame ball.

3. Mix black sesame, flour and hot water to make batter. Roll into sheets to make crepe skin. Steam till cooked. (You can skip this step and just buy popiah skin from supermarkets.)

4. Stuff chicken thigh, chicken breast meat paste, foie gras into rectangle mold. Pan fry the mold until the skin turns crispy.

5. Add romaine lettuce, crispy beancurd skin, leek, ginger flower, peanut crumbs, black sesame, mustard-glazed suckling pig sauce, the cooked meat on the crepe/popiah skin. Wrap it and eat.

Chef Ling prepared coconut ice.

The second dish that we learnt to cook was a dessert, glutinous rice ball with filling of soft red bean and banana, coated with shredded coconut, served on coconut ice with gula melaka, accompanied by tropical fruits. Seriously, how complicated is the dish??! I always thought simplicity is best but the dish proves me wrong. Although there are so many ingredients, the dessert is truly delicious and covers all grounds. It is impossible not to fall in love with it.

Guess which dish is plated by the chef and by me?

Answer: I plated the second dish.

Young coconut
Fried coconut flesh 炸椰心
Atap seed
Coconut juice
Coconut milk
Pandan leaf
Gula melaka


1. Boil coconut juice and coconut milk (in equal proportion) with pandan leaf. Continue boiling for 30 minutes until thickens. Refrigerate for 8 hours to make coconut ice.

2. Slice coconut flesh into strips and soak in coconut juice for 8 hours. Strain dry and coat flesh with frying flour. Deep fry till crispy.

3. Mix glutinous rice flour with hot water to make dough for glutinous rice ball. Dice banana. Stuff banana and red bean paste to make rice ball. Steam for 5 minutes. Roll rice ball in shredded coconut.

5. Add jackfruit, atap seed and coconut flesh in young coconut. Add a scoop of coconut ice. Top it with rice ball. Drizzle gula melaka.

My Humble House

8 Raffles Ave
#02-27/29 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
T: 6423 1881


PS: Thank you, Carmen, Liyana and their colleagues, and Tung Lok group for the invite.


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