Feng Shui Inn, Crockfords Tower, Resorts World Singapore

From 9-18 Nov, Feng Shui Inn at Resorts World Singapore has invited guest chefs from the world renowned Quan Ju De 全聚德, which was established in Beijing in 1864. That’s 148 years ago. Their speciality is Peking Duck: the chefs use cooking techniques once reserved for Chinese Imperial Court. So you can say this meal is fit for a king or a queen or a princess.

Roast Duck with Hollow Sesame Biscuit, Sweet Sauce and Onion ($98)

Chef Wu Yi Bo Slicing the Peking Duck

How to judge Peking Duck? Chef Wu stated that the skin of a good Peking duck should be the color of red dates and the flesh sweet and tender.

How to eat Peking duck? Chef Wu said that it is entirely up to you: some people like it with sugar (like our own Mr. NGFL), some like it with sweet sauce, and some like it with garlic and spring onion.

The Peking Duck that we tasted was towards a rustic style. Rustic in the sense that the wrap wasn’t as delicate as other restaurants’ and you eat the meat, as opposed to the usual Singapore method of eating just the duck skin. The skin here wasn’t extremely crispy and taken as whole, this dish was pleasing: the meat, which wasn’t fatty, was nevertheless still tender and sweet.

Mustard Duck Web (duck feet, $32)

I can’t say I enjoyed this dish, which according to Chef Wu is the specialty of Quan Ju De. It was supposed to melt in the mouth and the mustard, similar to wasabi, should–I translate directly–clear your nasal airways (通鼻). The texture of my piece didn’t melt in my mouth and had a chewy gelatin texture, like cuttlefish’s.

Duck Tongue and Cuttlefish Roe Soup ($38)

The soup tasted a lot like sharks’ fins soup with its viscosity and vinegary quality. The duck tongue, that is usually chewy, was soft and tender and the cuttlefish was thinly sliced so that it remained as smooth as beancurd skin.

Sesame Duck ($38)

Signature Fried Rice

Feng Shui Inn’s signature fried rice, which leaves a tingle on the tongue, complemented Quan Ju De’s sesame duck very well. Each slice of duck meat was studded with fragrant sesame seeds and layered with minced prawn, giving the dish a nice textual crunch and a sweetness.

Feng Shui Inn

39 Artillery Ave
Crockfords Tower Level G2
Resorts World Sentosa


Rating: 3.238/5 quack quack

PS: Thanks to Khushil, Juan and RWS for the tasting.


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  1. I love duck feet / web. But it looks like in this case, they have debone the duck feet?

    I prefer mine to be with bones.. because I have heard alot about how pple debone the chicken and duck feets.. darn scary..


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