Review and Voucher Giveaway: Taipei Station 台北站, Bugis+

Taipei Station serves Taiwanese street food (including bubble tea) at affordable prices that are suitable for students or young working adults. When we were there, we counted a few Taiwanese among the clientele. From the way they speak, they are either Taiwanese or gay. Taiwanese men speak coyly, which sometimes sound gay, so it’s hard to tell if they are Taiwanese or gay or gay Taiwanese. Anyway…

Braised Pork with Rice ($4.90 or with set $8.60)

You can either order a la carte or in a set meal. A set meal comes with a main, a side dish and a bubble tea. The mains include crispy Taiwan tempura ($4.20/$7.90), crispy vegetable combo ($4.50/$8.20), cold noodle with peanut sauce ($4.50/$8.20), oyster vermicelli ($4.90/$8.60), braised pork rice ($4.90/$8.60), original crispy chicken ($4.20/$7.90), cheese crispy chicken ($4.50/$8.20) and wasabi crispy chicken ($4.50/$8.20).

Oyster Vermicelli (mee sua, $4.90 or with set $8.60)

For the mains, avoid crispy Taiwan tempura because it’s just fish cake that has the texture of rice cake. The rest of the mains were pretty decent. Huccalily wanted the braised pork rice to be fattier and more decadent. The cold noodles with peanut sauce was sweet and chilled, quite refreshing, a personal favorite (but you’ve to like sweet and cold dishes). The three types of chicken were equally good and it was hard to make a decision of which was better: the original was salty; the wasabi chicken had a touch of wasabi but was exciting (more wasabi will be better); the cheese chicken was sprinkled with powder that is similar to Cheezel’s, savory and interesting but too much MSG?

Wasabi Crispy Chicken ($4.50 or with set $8.20)

As for the choice in sides, such as deep fried sweet potato fries, tofu cubes with seaweed powder, french beans, etc, they were ok but not as good as the main. I wish that it is possible to mix and match for a set meal, for example, I’d like to have the cold noodles with a crispy chicken, both of which are mains.  A second suggestion I have is to add some healthy dishes. Eating so much fried food can be cloying.

Crispy Vegetable Combo (including mushroom and broccoli, $4.50 or with set, $8.20)

Taipei Station isn’t going to win any Michelin stars soon but the food is decent given that the price is right. Worth visiting if you hanker for deep fried food.

Taipei Station 台北站

201 Victoria Street
#04-03 Bugis+
Singapore 188067

Rating: 3.018/5 Zhang Hui Mei (Get it? Coz Zhang Hui Mei is a Taiwanese STAR.)

PS: Thank you Esther for hosting us.

Voucher Giveaway

Taipei Station is giving a $20 voucher for a lucky winner. Valid till end of Dec 2012.

Triple your chances to win by doing all three options:

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3. Answer this question on the blog: What does the set meal include?

Contest ends 18 Nov Sun, 2359hr. Only to addresses in Singapore. Good luck!

Congrats, Melissa Koh, for winning the vouchers. We’ll contact you soon.


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  1. I am here having my late lunch after reading your post!
    The only comment I can give to this eatery is: please change your attitude when serving customer!!!!
    I am sorry that I am a very Singapore localise person, so when I asking for chilli sauce for my 滷肉飯,the very knowing-Taiwanese food aunty told me that: we don’t serve chilli sauce cause this is Taiwanese food!!!
    Their 滷肉飯 don’t ever taste like Taiwan version!!!
    Just I am your reader but I will not go back to this eatery anymore!


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