Ayam Penyet Ria, Lucky Plaza

Clearing 10 months of backlog now. It was Valentine’s day and Mr NGFL and I, two single men, decided to meet up at the last minute–Huccalily came later to join us–to celebrate Friendship Day. Wanted to eat Filipino food at Lucky Plaza, which was closed–bet they had someone to celebrate with–so we detoured to Indonesian food.

I remember eating here a few years before when it was still a single shop. Now the shop is huge with light wood furnishing.

The Ayam Penyet ($13.80)–each of us had one set–was shiok. Everything was deep-fried in the set, including tempeh (fermented soybead) and beancurd. But the chicken was very delicious, crispy and tender. It was slightly dry but you would not notice if you are gobbling it down like us.

Also not to be missed is side dish, Pempek Balem ($6.50), a bouncy fish cake.

For desserts, try Es Campur ($3.50), an ice kacang, or Es Cendol ($3.50). The es campur was much better than the cendol, lighter and more refreshing.

We spent $29.30 for two, a tad pricy we thought. One of the reasons why we love this place is because this is a place that unites all people: from businessmen in suits and ties to people with humble background like me, a lorry driver. With such comforting and eat-like-a-savage food, this was a very awesome Valentine’s Day for me, celebrating with two of my best friends. Who needs dates?

Ayam Penyet Ria

304 Orchard Rd
01-45-47, Lucky Plaza
Singapore 307506

T: 6235 6390

Rating: 3.676/5 stars

Categories: $0-$20, Halal, Indonesian, Orchard

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