Omakase Burger, Turf City/ Grand Stand, Bukit Timah

8Days calls Omakase Burger the best burger in Singapore. While we don’t like to throw around the word “best” (because it’s impossible to say that anything is best), the burger is indeed one of the best burgers (within its price range) we’ve eaten. These are some of the reasons:

1. Beef Patty: Banker-turned-owner-chef blended different cuts of USDA Angus beef using different percentages and put them in an Excel sheet. He judged them according to the texture, juiciness and practicality (easy to replicate) and picked the best one. The methodical, scientific way works: when we tasted it, the pure beef patty without any fillers such as onions or eggs, cooked medium-rare, was tender and very juicy.

(Photo left: Deluxe Cheeseburger with cheese fries)

2. Way of Cooking: The 130g of minced beef–which is slightly bigger than a quarter pounder–is rolled into a ball and then smashed on the grill, producing an irregular shape patty. As a result, the caramelized patty is crusty along the edges while the juices are trapped within the patty, which is why the owner-chef refuses to allow the burgers to be shared. If you cut the burger, the juices will escape.

3. Bun: The owner-chef tried many factories’ buns and even provided his own bun recipe, which the factories were unable to replicate. Unbeknownst to him, a factory owner invited a Japanese chef to Singapore to teach his factory how to make this fantastic bun and was looking for an outlet to sell these buns. BAM! The two met serendipitously. A love story of how the flawless patty meets the unrivaled bun, a well-buttered bun that is soft, fluffy and sweet.

4. Sauce: This is chef-owner’s secret recipe made of 13 ingredients. I guess there is teriyaki sauce because the sauce is tangy and sweet.

5. Cheese: Shocker! There is no supplier for American cheese in Singapore! So chef-owner has to import it. What’s so good about American cheese? It melts evenly so that the melted cheese falls into the crevices of the patty.

On the menu, there are only 4 beef burgers, 2 chicken options, a chicken burger and an oven-baked parmesan chicken ($14.90), chef-owner’s mother’s recipe; with a few side dishes and drinks. The sides–sweet potato fries ($4.90 or $5.90), cheese fries ($5.90/$6.90), truffle fries ($6.90/$7.90) and onion rings ($4.90)–are run of the mill. The drinks, however, are sincere: the orange juice ($4.50/$5.50) is freshly squeezed in a machine imported from Spain with no added sugar, having a very pure and clean taste. The home-made lemonade ($4.50) made from lemons and limes is very well balanced, not overly sweet or overly sour, and has a tinge of salt to add to the depth of flavors.

Our advice is to stick to the beef burger. The difference between the four types of beef burgers is just what ingredients you want to add to the burger. Omakase Cheeseburger ($13.90) is the entry level burger. And then you can add bacon to make it into Bacon Cheeseburger ($15.90) or add mushrooms for a Deluxe Cheeseburger ($15.90). The Ultimate ($17.50, pictured above) has both bacon and mushrooms. And if you want an extra patty, add $5.90. Having tried the Ultimate with all the ingredients, I found that the bacon was gilding the lily, adding unnecessary salt to the already well-balanced patty, so the next time I return–and I’ll return for sure–I’d go for the Deluxe Cheeseburger or Omakase Cheeseburger.

I also tried Burger of the Month, Port Wine Burger ($17.50, pictured above), patty flavored with 72-hour port-wine reduction and just a touch of blue cheese. Although hardcore blue cheese lovers will grouse that there isn’t enough blue cheese, the flavors melded well and I liked the simplicity and elegance. But this burger isn’t for everyone: it’s for people with more sophisticated tastebuds.

Electric sockets, free wi-fi available. For bus shuttle service to Grand Stand (formerly Turf City), visit the website.

Omakase Burger

200 Turf Club Road
#01-05 Grand Stand
Singapore 287994
T: 6763 2698

M-Th: 11.30am-3.30pm (last order 3pm); 5pm-9.30pm (last order 9pm)
F-Sun: 11am-10pm (last order 9.30pm)

Rating: 3.878/5 stars

PS: Thank you Sera and Hsin Yao for inviting and hosting us.


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  1. I don’t know where to start … this is so wrong :-)

    Funny how “best” really is in the taste buds of the beholder.

    Patty: only patties with onions, garlic powder and egg are great patties. Of course the meat is vital, but so is the flavour and consistency.

    Bun: Although Singaporeans love sweet bread products, sweet buns and burgers do not mix well. The best burger buns have less sugar and also include sesame seeds on top. They should be toasted just before being placed on the burger.

    Cheese: What? You can buy American cheese at any supermarket in Singapore. But why on earth use American cheese at all? It’s insipid and bland, even the “sharp” variety. The best burger has a slice of New Zealand tasty cheese, although I have had some amazing burgers with authentic Swiss Emmental.

    Really top-notch burgers also include at least a fried egg (best done in an egg ring, with the yolk still slightly runny) and a slice of kosher dill pickle (or Polish garlic pickle). Pickled beetroot is also a nice addition for my taste.


    • You little curmudgeon. :)

      I agree with many of your points, such as patties with fillers aren’t a bad (or good) thing, but coming into contact with many chefs, I realize that we shouldn’t have a fixed idea of what a good dish should be like; we should judge food based on what the chef sets to achieve. There is no such thing as an “authentic” dish: if you go to Thailand, every shop serves you pad thai differently, so which is the “authentic” pad thai? So while your list of ingredients sounds awesome, it may not be Omakase Burger’s idea of a burger.

      As for the sweet bun, I think patties are generally salty so a sweet bun will add to the complexity of tastes? I dislike boring food that are one-tone.

      The PR and the boss told us they can’t find American cheese in Singapore one. Maybe they are looking for a specific type of American cheese? You should inform them where they can buy it so they can save some money.

      I think Esquina’s pork and foie gras burger is still the best in Singapore but Esquina and Omakase are two different price range, it’s like comparing apples with oranges. For the price, Omakase burgers are really one of the best burgers in Singapore. Go try and see if you like the burger and come back and let me know how they can improve it. :)


  2. Hello, I have been on the search for the best Burger for a long time now. I just moved here and haven’t tried many places. But I can definitely tell you, if you go to Aston’s on sixth avenue and try the iEat super burger, you will have tasted the best burger in your life.!!!!its amazing


  3. There is now an Omakase at Wisma Atria. Glad they are franchising. Best burger in Singapore by far. Only Little Hiro came close to me, although that was more of a novelty because of the theme of the restaurant. Omakase is just pure burger!


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