Ramen Keisuke Tori King, 100AM, Amara Hotel Shopping Mall, Tanjong Pagar

Out of tons of ramens we have eaten in Singapore, our top three are Marutama, Keisuke Tokyo, and Tonkotsu King Keisuke. So we were super thrilled to know that Chef Keisuke is opening its third outlet. Keisuke Tokyo is known for crab-based broth; Tonkotsu King is known for black spicy pork broth; and this third outlet, Tori King, presents chicken-based broth.

“Tori” means “chicken” and the broth is achieved by boiling chicken feet and bones and assorted vegetables for 8 hours to tease out the flavors. The traditional broth is matched with an innovative chicken thigh. The thigh is slow-boiled in Chef Keisuke Takeda’s special soy sauce overnight to allow the sauce to permeate thoroughly into the meat. Then, the thigh is grilled. The chicken thigh, when we tasted it, was succulent, moist and fell off the bone with a merest touch.

Green Spicy (all toppings, $16.90)

Located at 100 AM (formerly Amara Hotel Shopping Mall), NOT Amara Hotel, the ramen ranges from $11.90 to $16.90 depending on the toppings you want. There are three types of ramen: original, black spicy, and green spicy. The original is light but flavorful. If you like ma-la (麻辣), order the black spicy. The exciting and unique green spicy is doused with wasabi, a popular choice we heard.

We loved all three types and had a difficult time deciding which the best was. Huccalily’s verdict was “Wow, super shiok.” (Great food critic she is.) Awesome for comfort eating. The long queue–no reservations–will provide the cardio to burn up the calories but if you want to beat the queue, go early.

Ramen Keisuke Tori King

100 Tras Street
100AM Amara Hotel Shopping Mall
Singapore 79027


Rating: 3.799/5 stars

PS: Thanks Dee, Jaimie and Ken,  Chef Keisuke for inviting and hosting us.


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