Baja Fresh, Rendezvous Hotel, Dhoby Ghaut Singapore

Having lived in US for a while, Mr NGFL and I would crave for good Mexican food once in a while. “J,” as the Mexicans pronounce it, is a “h” So “jalapenos” is pronounced as “halapenos,” “Jesus” is pronounced as “Hey-sus” and thus, “Baja” is “baha” fresh. Baja Fresh is a fastfood chain from USA. You have to order at the counter. But the menu, which allows you to customize your meal, is complicated, so if it’s your first time, sit down and study the menu first.

As for the food, there is a free flow of self-serviced salsa and dips. There are the four main customizable wraps: fajita, quesadilla, burrito and taco. There is, in fact, little difference between them. Burrito is a big fat wrap like a Mexican popiah; fajita is a DIY popiah. Taco and quesadilla use smaller wrap and are wrapped in a half-moon but quesadilla has cheese. Are you confused already?

The wraps cost between $11 to $18, including vegetarian options. Mr NGFL had a shrimp burrito ($14.95) and I had a steak fajita ($17.95) and we paid about $45 for two including drinks. The portions were generous. Mr NGFL liked his burrito very much, claiming it to be one of the better burritos he has in Singapore, but my fajita didn’t come sizzling on a hot plate, which usually it does, and hence the fajita could be fresher and hotter.

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

9 Bras Basah Road
#01-03 Rendezvous Hotel
T: 6337 7300

Sun-Th: 11am-10pm
F-Sat: 11am-10.30pm

Rating: 3.187/5 stars


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  1. Next time try the baja burrito steak.
    It’s my favorite :)
    The meal comes with the chips, and they’re great with the salsa.
    I don’t think the food is fast food quality, since the quality is very good and the ingredients used are fresh. They do make it very quickly, so it’s kinda like fast food…in that sense..


    • i’ve always loved baja fresh, since they opened a branch near my office back in the US. so i was really excited when they opened a branch here in SG. my first baja steak burrito here was too ‘soggy’. so i asked them about it..if it’s the same recipe as the US. they said yes..but they made it less dry due to ‘customers’ feedback’.
      so nowadays whenever i order the steak burrito, i asked them to cook the steak a tad longer, to make it drier. havent been there in a month though. so i dont know if the standards have changed.


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