Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant, Bukit Timah

Tucked at a quiet corner of the building, the restaurant is so isolated that it won’t be one of the places you serendipitously walk in. One of the readers, Grace, asked me out to this Korean restaurant and so here we were. (Grace told me that she quit her job and was leaving Singapore to New Zealand for a work-travel visa, to work as a farmhand and travel throughout New Zealand for a year. Very courageous. I think she is probably in New Zealand now. Good luck, Grace!)

The setting is casual, nothing much to talk of, but it appears to target families. The service was not bad, approachable, attentive and polite. And if you order bbq items like we did, the server will cook for you.

“Sa Rang Chae” means “Guest House.” Many ingredients are imported from Korea and the Korean chef insists on cooking the traditional Korean method. You have to order at least two BBQ items for them to start the stove, although I cannot see the reason why since it isn’t a charcoal stove. On the recommendation of the lady boss, we ordered Sundubu jjidae ($15 tofu soup),  Yangnyeom so galbi (BBQ beef, $37), and Jangeo gui ($30, white eel). The portions were miserable: everything you see in the photos above was the exact portion. The taste was so-so, nothing fantastic though nothing amiss. If you want grilled Korean food, Superstar K is superior in many ways.

The remote location, the cost and the average food conspire against my return to the restaurant. For two, we spent $95.

Sa Rang Chae Korean Restaurant

559 Bukit Timah Road
King’s Arcard #01-03
Singapore 269695
T: 6468 7175


Rating: 2.821/5 stars


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