Rasa Sayang Western Food, S11, Ang Mo Kio Central

AMK Western 01

Read many, many rave reviews for this western food stall. Always wanted to try it but the lines are usually long. And I don’t believe in queuing for food. If the queue is long, I’ll eat something else. My ex-date, who lives in Ang Mo Kio, informed that if the auntie is manning the stall, you’ll have to queue (self-service style) but if the uncle mans the stall, he will deliver it to your table.

AMK Western

Luckily the uncle was manning the stall. We had the fish and chips and chicken chop and, like all things in life that you’ve waited for a long time such as watching your first R21 movie, they were disappointing. It has to do with managing expectations: the food was ok but they were just ok. The chicken chop had a crisp skin but bland mushroom sauce, and the fish and chips were normal lor. There are better western food stalls such as Golden Rooster, No. 1 Western Food and Iron Chef at Tiong Bahru. The food left me wondering why it was famous.

Rasa Sayang Western Food

Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio
#01-07 S11
Singapore 560711

Rating: 3.333/5 stars


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  1. I just visited this stall too. Gg to post on that soon. Actually, its always delivered to your table since my JC days (10 years ago). Was popular for their quality, generous portions and affordable prices last time. Can’t say the same for this during the recent visit.

    Yilmaz Western (Ang Mo Kio) [Blogged on this stall last month] might take over it (as the more popular western stall in AMK) soon if the owner (one man show) can hire more pple to help him.


  2. I often wondered too why the queue was so long and times and times again, i had joined the queue and only to tell myself after the meal that the waiting time was just not justifable for the food was just “ordinary”. Well, i’ve not discover why. Thought it is just a routine, something familiar and not willing to change… Thanks for the review.


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