PERMANENTLY CLOSED: Overdoughs, Waterloo Centre, Bras Basah/ Bugis/ Dhoby Ghaut

PS: Overdoughs has moved to 161 Middle Road, Sculpture Square.

We love Waterloo Center! It encapsulates a true Singapore, near town but is a HDB building. Overdoughs itself is as unpretentious as the location, just a large communal wooden table dominating the Middle-Eastern deli-bakery, playing hipster music.



For lunch, $10 will get you pide bread with 3 Middle-Eastern dips. Mr NGFL chose three savory dips, chickpea & tahini hummussaksuk (eggplant in herbs and tomato sauce), and Spanish white anchovies while I chose two sweet and a savory (pictured above), beetroot yoghurt tzatziki; carrot & walnut, and smoked eggplant babaganoush (savory). The savory dips had a sourish, appetizing vinegar taste while the sweetness of the sweet dip was natural from the ingredients themselves. The food had integrity of the ingredients and possessed a wholesomeness to them. When it first arrived, we thought the serving was sad but by the end of the meal, we were stuffed. 


Also for lunch, we shared a pastry, roasted butternut tossed in fresh greens, pepitas and dukka with salad ($9, pictured above). Butternut tasted like pumpkin, sweet and nutty, and the squash-y texture contrasted with the pastry. The accompanying salad is worth a mention, very savory and healthy with hints of sourish vinegar.


For desserts, baklava ($5) is a Middle-Eastern classic while the Snickers tart ($6) comes highly recommended. But perhaps we were too full that we couldn’t appreciate the desserts properly. Baklava, by nature, is supposed to be saccharinely sweet, and though Overdoughs’s version was adjusted to less sweet, it was still too cloying for us. What broke the camel’s back was the snickers tart, excessively sugary. Perhaps it was our fault: we should have been wiser and picked a sourish dessert.

We also noted many people from the “hood”–Mr NGFL’s word–coming to buy bread from them.

Overall, I thought $45 for two was a tad expensive for flour and the food could be bolder while Mr NGFL commented on the atmosphere, saying that a bakery has to be cheerful and he didn’t feel joy here. It was true that there was a weariness in the air but perhaps it was a Sunday. On the other hand, the food had integrity and wholesomeness and felt very clean and the place was cozy and welcoming.


Blk 261 Waterloo Centre
Singapore 180261
T: 6337 5945

T-Sun: 10am-7pm

Rating: 3.125/5 stars

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