Mu Parlour, Holland Village

Located on the second floor, above Thai Express, Mu Parlour is brought to you by the same group that opens BoatHouse at Fullerton, Prelude Bar, Pigs Fly and Kitchenette at Thomson.

No. 11 ($15)

A cafe that serves only burgers, pastries and cocktails, the burger patties are hand-formed fresh every morning, chilled and never forzen. All sauces are prepared by the chefs from scratch. When we were there, there were only 7 types of burgers with numbers as their names: No. 1, No. 2, No. 5, No. 11, and so on. You may choose your own cheese for the burger: cheddar, gruyere, Swiss, Emmental or Monterey Jack. The burgers are served with a side of garlic fries.

Raspberry Chocolate $5

Upon the waitress’s recommendation, we ordered No. 11 ($15) with avocado, bacon, and Mu secret sauce and, from the limited selection of cakes, raspberry chocolate ($5).

From ambience to service to food, everything was done just nice… but there wasn’t a desire to surpass a minimal standard. There isn’t any selling point and we didn’t get any sense of character of the cafe. We were confused if this was a furniture shop masquerading as a cafe or a cafe masquerading as a furniture shop because Mu Parlour wasn’t very good at either. In truth, the food was passable but boring, the furniture pieces pretty but common and the service adequate but indifferent. Like the tin man from Wizard of Oz, much brains went into the conceptualizing of the cafe, but no heart.

We paid $22 and we don’t think we will return.

Mu Parlour

16A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277677
T: 6466 937

Rating: 3.022/5 stars


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