Yusheng & Chinese New Year Goodies at Feng Shui Inn 风水廷, Resorts World Sentosa



Feng Shui Inn, a Cantonese restaurant, offers 8-course reunion dinners for ten from $1388 to $3288.

Flambe Salmon “Lo Hei” (3-6 persons $88, 7-10 $128).

There are four different yusheng and we tried the flambe salmon. The special yusheng, arranged in the shape of the Golden Snake, the zodiac for this year, symbolizes “有头有尾” or “got head got tail,” which simply means you see things through. The crispy fish skin is from a special catfish imported from Hong Kong, while the bak kwa (bbq pork) is kurobuta pork. But this is the secret ingredient:


The raw salmon is flambeed with 文君酒 Wen Jun wine, 52% alcohol content. But the fire burns out the alcohol, leaving behind a sweet, fruity fragrance. And to add to the fruitiness, strawberry jam is used instead of plum sauce.


As a result, the yusheng was sweet and tangy, and the texture was enhanced with the crispy fish skin. The dish was good but could be tweaked to be better. Since the wine already has a fruity fragrance, perhaps plum sauce (instead of strawberry jam) should be used, for a tinge of sourness to create a dimensional flavor. Yusheng means raw fish but the flambeed salmon was cooked and too little. Perhaps, in addition to the flambeed salmon, raw salmon could be added so that the dish has a more meaty mouthfeel. (I like my yusheng with lots of fish, my favorite meat, but couldn’t taste much fish here.)

Besides yusheng, Feng Shui Inn also offers New Year Treasure Pot or peng cai 盆菜 ($128 per person, min. 4 persons) and gold ingot ($688 for 8-10 persons), a huge pastry in the shape of an ingot, wrapping fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms, abalone, dried scallops, etc.

These items are available for takeaway from 21 Jan – 24 Feb 2013.

Chinese New Year Goodies


Feng Shui Inn also offers festive goodies and hampers. There are different goodies and hampers, ranging from the home-made coffee walnut pastry ($28 a box) to the premium bird’s nest and abalone gift set ($398 a box). Call the restaurant to find out more.


How gorgeous is the Transformer box! More than meets the eye. Gold and crimson are such luxurious colors and the texture of fabric is pure class. Definitely makes a good gift.


The home-made cookies ($28/box) are a winner. Crackling with cornflakes, the butter cookies were awesome-sweet but not cloying. Can eat a million of these.


One goodie that you must absolutely buy is the homemade pineapple tart with imperial bird’s nest ($68/box). Bigger than other pineapple tarts by maybe 4-5 times, I promised my waistline that I would stop after a bite. Promises are made to be broken. Bird’s nest is tasteless but the gelatinous strands add a contrasting texture to the pastry and take on the flavor of the pineapple, enhancing it, improving it marvelously. The sum of the tart is greater than its individual parts. I will never eat another pineapple tart again without longing for this one.

Feng Shui Inn 风水廷

39 Artillery Ave
Crockfords Tower Level G2
Resorts World Sentosa
T: 6577 8888


PS: Thank you, Khushil, Juan, Xinyi, Mark and RWS for the tasting.


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