District 10, Star Vista


A unique feature of District 10 is the SMASH YOUR STRESS booth. On an ipad, surf for your hateful boss’s or nemesis’s photo on facebook. Put the ipad in the booth and smash your glass at the photo. All you need to do is buy a glass of beer, finish it and use the empty glass as your missile.

Mini Black Angus Cheddar Cheese Burger ($7 a piece)

The menu comprises tapas and pinchos (Spanish canapes), soups and salads, fish and steaks (mains), pizzas and pastas, and desserts. While the menu has no focus and is confusing with Spanish, American, British, and Italian cuisines, the bar grub was decent.

Jumbo Crab Cake ($14)

From the tapas selection, the mini Black Angus burger ($7) comes medium as a default, although you can request to change how you want it done. But the default mode wasn’t as tender as medium-rare and was slightly drier. A problem easily resolved with a little butter on the bun and a condiment on the patty (blue cheese sauce? ketchup? mustard? mayonnaise?).

Manchego Cheese and Jamon Croquette ($8.80)

The same went for the croquette ($8.80). Very crispy and beautifully golden crumbed, the inside was slightly dry.  The Jumbo crab cake ($14) used just shredded carrot to bring out the crab meat’s sweetness and the patty was lightly seared on both sides. I’d have preferred the flavors to come on more exigently but instead, it was light with a hint of seawater.


From the mains: the Hoegaarden battered fish and chips ($22) is about as good as it can get. Arrived in a rustic presentation, the batter was oil-free, crispy and the fish was firm and bouncy. A little salt would bring out the flavors more but perhaps it’s best that we as customers add the salt ourselves because we know our palates best. IMG_0977
The chilli soft shell crab pizza ($25), with mozzarella, soft shell crab, chilli crab meat and rocket lettuce, is a clear winner, adjusted to suit a Singaporean tastebud. The chilli crab sauce, in this case, is less sweet and more spicy.

The desserts, ranging from $10-$14, were the ones we were discontent over and they needed some improvements.

District 10 is clearly a place that you hang out and de-stress after work with a large group of colleagues or friends. I can imagine the ambience being very boisterous, high and fun with all the smashing glasses. Although the food isn’t anything fantastic, it won’t fail or disappoint you too.

District 10

1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista #01-42/K3
Singapore 138617
T: 6694 2884

Sun-Th: 11.30am-11pm
F & Sat: 11.30am-midnight

Rating: 2.813/5 stars

ps: Thank you Jamie for the invited tasting.

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