Pho Stop, Tanjong Pagar/ Maxwell


Strong points: Classy decor. Friendly waiters. Competitive pricing at a fantastic location. Serves wine. By the same owner of Va Va Voom, one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, we went with great expectations.

Summer Fresh Rolls with Prawns and Chicken with Hoisin Peanut Dip ($6)

There aren’t many choices on the menu, about 6 appetizers, 4 desserts, and for the mains, pho and rice. I started off with a drink, plum lime soda ($2.90). When I expected sourish and sweet, it was briny! Overly so.

The classic Vietnamese dish, summer rolls ($6, pictured above), was ok–the vegetables were fresh and crunchy–but tastewise, the hoisin sauce was salty and lacked depth, not as good as the ones at Nam Nam.


The pho comes with choices of different parts of beef, and since I am a beef lover, I wanted it all: Beef Feast Combo ($8.90) with sliced beef, beef balls, and brisket. Loved the sliced beef that came slightly raw but the rice noodles were slightly raw too and the broth was bland. As it was, the waiter was beefier and more robust than the broth.

I wanted to love this place. It gave such a good first impression–flirty waiters, cheap food, nice ambience–but the food really cannot make it. I spent $19 for one.

Pho Stop

21 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088444
T: 6221 4001

M-Th: 11am-11pm

Rating: 2.824/ 5 stars

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8 Mar 2013

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  1. Would you know where in SG can I find Vietnamese steamboat/hotpot?
    Had it in Perth (funny right) in an authentic Vietnamese family restaurant – the huge steamboat came with a whole lot of ingredients and seafood simmering in the tasty tangy broth. Cannot forget the taste, was hoping SG have something like that but haven’t had luck looking up Google :(


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