Wrap and Roll, Star Vista

Wrap and Roll
Vietnamese food isn’t only about pho; there are also wraps and rolls, which can be mains too. First established in Vietnam in 2006, there are already more than 10 outlets, including this one in Singapore. The chef and owners flew to Vietnam to train for a month, and many sauces and ingredients, even the noodles, are imported so the food tastes similar to Vietnam’s outlets. There are some unique items that you cannot find elsewhere in Singapore. There are also some vegetarian dishes and some dishes that can be made into vegetarian upon request.

minced pork and mushroom in rice paper rolls
Not be found elsewhere in Singapore, the minced pork and mushroom in rice paper rolls ($8.90), for starters, was topped with pork floss and used steamed rice paper, not the dry rice paper of spring rolls. It has been compared to chee cheong fun, but I thought the skin texture and taste were more like soon kueh, a little sticky, a little crunchy. Not bad.

lotus shoot salad with prawns
The other starter, lotus shoot salad with prawns ($8), julienned carrots, and onions, topped with peanut bits, was drizzled in a Thai-like sauce, sweet, tangy, sourish, with just a hint of spice. Simple, appetizing and refreshing.

Vietnamese Vegetarian samosa
The vegetarian main, handmade Vietnamese Vegetarian samosa, is my favorite. Fold the hot-from-frying-pan golden-colored samosa, mint, vermicelli, vinegar-ed carrots  in a leaf of lettuce, and dip it in a homemade light sauce that is tangy and just lightly salted. Within the samosa, there was a texture similar to minced meat: I’m guessing it was a blend of beancurd and minced mushroom. The differing textures and tastes came together very well, making it complex, tasty. And I couldn’t tell there is no meat here.

Trying to stay away from the common beef pho, Wrap and Roll offers Vietnamese fish noodle soup ($14.90), which broth was light and slightly sourish. The ingredients reminded me of yong tou foo: a chili stuffed with fish paste, fishcakes, fishball, and deep-fried fish. But they used less cornstarch, so the paste wasn’t bouncy and had a rougher texture. The paste was also grayish–probably the type of fish they used. Suitable for someone who wants something light.

These Vietnamese dishes were healthy and satisfying, a balance that is hard to achieve. The sincerity of the food–all handmade, samosas, fishballs, steamed rolls–and the affordable prices make this restaurant a cut above the rest. Worth paying a visit if you’re in the vicinity.

Wrap & Roll Singapore

1 Vista Exchange Green
#B1-11 Star Vista
Singapore 138617
T: 6694 4111

Sun-Th: 10am-10pm
F-Sat: 10am-11pm

Rating: 3.488/5 stars

PS: Thanks Jacinta for the invite.

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