The Lawn Salad & Grill, Buona Vista

biopolis the lawn
It’s a good 10 minutes’ trek uphill from the MRT station that you’re already healthy before eating healthy. The Lawn differs from many other salad shops in that the meats are freshly cooked on the spot, while other shops’ meats are pre-prepared. Meat hot off the grill meets crunchy fresh vegetables–one of the best and most sincere salad shops in Singapore.

the lawn
You pick a size, then a meat, and lastly your toppings and dressing. Sounds easy but when I was there for the first time, there were people queuing behind me and there were so many options, I had to make my decision very kancheong-ly. Sigh, I am so civic minded.

the lawn salad
In my hurried state, I picked the aceto balsamico beef cut and a sourish dressing (citrus I think), and in the end, sour meat + sour dressing = sour food. But this was my fault. I should have created a better balance.

So I have two suggestions for improvement: 1. show the calories and nutritional values. I wanted to know which dressing is non-fat but no such information is available. I asked the cook but he wasn’t sure too. 2. Have a menu. For instance, there can be “The Lawn Recharge Salad” or “The Lawn Thai Beef Salad” or “Antioxidant Salad” so that kancheong spiders like me can just order that salad to prevent mishaps like mine.

Overall, the reasonably priced food came quickly and hot. (I lost my receipt, I think I paid about $14 in total, including a drink.) The atmosphere was very good, bright and happy. If I am around the area, I will definitely be back. But next time, I’ll take my time to order.

The Lawn Salad & Grill

31 Biopolis Way,
Nanos #01-07
Singapore 138669
T: 6478 9739
M-F: 11.45am-9pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

Rating: 3.367/5 stars

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  1. one tip…check out their website to get familiar with options? :) After a while , I found my favourite combi and always stuck with it..HA HA :)


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