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Mexout rides on the impeding wave of Latin American food trend. The food is prepared freshly by their in-house chef daily. From the descriptions I’ve read in newspapers and magazines, I had an impression that Mexout was a place for takeouts but when I was there, it is a really cool place to hang out after work. Al fresco sitting for smokers.

mexout menu
This is how you order:

Step #1: Order at the counter and choose a style you want: burrito (also known as gigantic popiah), tacos (a half-moon open-faced soft tortilla, not the fried ones), rice bowl, salad and nachos. Then you add your fillings and salsa. Vegetarian option available.

We tried the burritos ($8), tacos ($13) and rice bowl ($13), and packed them with different fillings and meats. TIP: Go for the tacos, it comes in 3 and you can pick different fillings for each one.

Mexout - burrito
Burrito on Aluminium Foil

Step #2: Choose fillings of rice and beans

Step #3: Choose one meat. The meats were fantastic. The char-grilled chicken had this smoky aroma, enhanced by the paprika, that I really adored. The cochinita pibal or braised pork shoulder in orange juice, spices and banana leaf, was soft as clouds. The beef barbacoa (add $2), beef brisket dry roasted with cumin, beer, chili, had an exotic Indian twist. For the health conscious, the char-grilled carne asada (add $2), or airflown New Zealand flank steak, is power-packed with proteins, but as it is with meat with low fat, it was tougher than the rest. In general, we thought the meat came sparsely and you may want to add extra for $1-$2.

Mexout - tacos

Step #4: Choose one salsa. For the pork in orange juice, we went for the mango pineapple salsa, to amp up the tanginess and fruitiness; it wasn’t the least bit spicy despite a spiciness level of 1 on their level. For the Indian tasting beef barbacoa, we added the fieriest salsa picante that has dry chili. According to my eating companion, the heat hits you after a while but for the average Singaporean, this should be ok. Since I’m the below-average Singaporean who couldn’t take spice, I was quite proud to be able to handle the spiciness level 2, fire roasted salsa, which had a kick but you won’t explode like a Katy Perry firework. Salsa fresca is the normal salsa, safe but boring.

Step #5: Here is where you add the extras. Go for the guacamole (add $2), I’m such a fan of it.

To make into a meal, add $6 for chips and non-alcoholic drinks. But I think it’s not necessary.

Mexout - Rice Bowl
Rice Bowl or Rice Mess Tin

We liked everything we tasted except for the vegetarian rice bowl. It wasn’t the fault of the food, it was our preference. We are carnivores and the absence of meat really dulled the texture and taste. We also thought that the tortillas for both burrito and tacos are the same and Mexout could have offered different flavored ones.

There are also alcoholic drinks, served by a very delectable boy bartender. The frozen margarita (lime or mango, $10 glass or $30 jug) comes highly recommended but we went for the sangria jug (white or red, $30), which was refreshing on a hot day but lacked mint and fruits to make it fun.

Overall, this is quite worth the buck, fuss-free, cheaper and better in quality than Baja Fresh, and a whole lot sexier. No strings attached.

Mex Out

39 Pekin St
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 048769
T: 9770 7441
Mexout Menu

M-F: 11am-2.30pm, 5-10pm
closed on weekends and PH

Rating: 3.257/5 stars

PS: Thanks, Sam and Solonia, for the invite and hospitality.

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  1. I am a carnivore too. Need at least a tiny piece of meat! Eating using mess tin reminds me of the army! Its an interesting idea and can let our other halfs experience the mess tin experience (just that this time the food is much better) tsk tsk.


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