Platters, Club Street

Platters Singapore
Platters is a bistro bar that advocates the maxim, “good food is meant for sharing,” thus food is sharing portion. The menu changes every four months with new guest chef and the guest chef this time is Oscar Pasinato, chef of the established Buko Nero. Menu ends at the end of June.

Platters Singapore - Seafood Platter
We were offered four different platters. Our favorite platter was the seafood one, Dal Mare ($42 for half platter, $84 for full). The three items, scallops, prawns and crab cakes, were equally excellent. My eating companion thought the Hokkaido scallops, which were speared by rosemary so that the flavors were absorbed, were a little light on flavoring, while I disagreed, enjoying the lightness and freshness of the crustaceans. Our favorite was unanimously the Asian influenced crab cakes, tangy with mango and so crispy you can hear the crunch in your head.

Platters Singapore - Meat Platter
My eating companion’s favorite food at the tasting was the oven-baked pork ribs on Dalla Fattoria platter (Farmer’s feast, $46/$88). The maple syrup and sage were caramelized on the ribs, balanced with a sweet pineapple. The platter also consisted portobello with lamb sausage and seared beef. On a whole, I thought the meat platter was ok, not particularly outstanding but not nasty too.

Platters Singapore - Meat Platter
Although I’m a carnivore, I prefered the vegetarian platter, dall’orto ($32/$62), to the previous meat platter. The arancini, which traditionally is made with leftover risotto rolled into a ball and deep-fried for snacks, had the scent of mushroom which sang. My companion loved it because it reminded her of Italy where she ate it constantly. The other two items on this platter were japanese pumpkin fritters and modern eggplant caponata.

Platters Singapore - Dessert Platter.jpg
The dessert platter, dolce finale ($26/$48), was my least favorite. It might be because I am a dessert person and I think desserts must be perfect to be worth the calories. Or perhaps it is a cultural thing and I couldn’t appreciate the desserts because the items were created from Chef Pasinato’s childhood memories of Christmas. For instance, while the ginger and dark chocolate salame was dense, I wanted it to be more intense. The lemon curd pot, which is a deconstructed lemon tart, had really great individual elements. I liked the face-scrunching tartness and sweetness of the curd but it lacked the balance that a good lemon tart should have because there is no tart shell to mitigate the impact.

Overall, the food Platters offers is pleasant and the place has a great selection of wines and is a great place to drink, eat and be merry after work.

Platters Singapore

42 Club St, Singapore 046920
T: 62238048

M-Sat – 12-3pm, 5pm-midnight

Rating: 3.031/5 stars

PS: Thank you, Jean and Jenny, for the invite.

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