Rokeby, Jalan Riang

Words and Photos by Chiobu

Rokeby Singapore

We went to the Australian-inspired cafe, Rokeby, for dinner after hearing that brunch is awesome. Brunch is till 3pm on weekends and they offer items from $7.90 (eggs and toast) to $17.90 (Rokeby’s Full Monty Brekkie, which consists 2 eggs, 2 bratwurst sausages, bacon, hashbrown, grilled tomato, baked beans, salad and toast. Vegemite lovers, rejoice! There’s Vegemite Downunder ($10.90), including scrambled eggs, cheese on vegemite toast, served with salad and baked beans on side, doing it the Aussie way!

Rokeby Singapore - Linguine Vongole

Among 4 girls, we had:

Ice Mocha ($6.50)
Truffle Shoestring Fries ($8.90)
Linguine Vongole in White Wine Sauce– Linguine with fresh clams, chilli, garlic, and white wine ($16.50)
Spaghetti Carbonara – Cream Cheese, bacon with spaghetti, topped with egg yolk ($15.90)
Rokeby Mesclun Salad (add Chicken), ($10.90 + $2)
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad ($11.90)

Skip the truffle fries.

Rokeby - Carbonara
The Vongole was a bit too salty, but we polished the plate nonetheless. Carbonara is too jerlat for one person to finish it by herself so, please share with someone. The raw egg right smacked in the middle added flavor and colour to the dish. Their salad serving is HUGE. I couldn’t finish the grilled chicken Caesar salad by myself. Mesclun salad was good.

Rokeby Singapore - grilled chicken Caesar salad

Service was excellent as the staff were all smiles. There is a room that could sit 10 people, great for a rowdy gathering. We will come back here again to try out the brunch.

Rokeby Singapore

15-9 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987
T: 9106 0437

T-Sun: 9am-10pm

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  1. Tried it just a month back. Don’t order their full monty. It’s filling, but nothing special.

    I guess they’re more reasonably priced than other brunch places (no GST/SVC), but, in the end, you’re still paying ~$15 for a pair of eggs and muffins.

    I’d just make those myself next time I have cravings.


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