Latin Quarter, Science Park

Latin Quarter Singapore
Executives working around Buona Vista, NUH staff and visitors, and NUS students, this is for you. The Latin Quarter is bringing sexy back to the geekiest part of Singapore. The Latin American buffet, which serves 9-12 items, changing weekly, is priced at only $13.90. For takeaway ($7.90), you’re given a huge bento box and can pack as much food as you can squeeze in it. We all have practice squeezing as much Slurpee at 7-11, so squeezing food in a bento box is child’s play.

Latin Quarter - Corn Soup
I like it that they display the name of the food with the country flag, so that you know the origin of the food. Although there wasn’t a wide range of food, the food was tasty. The two types of salads were fresh and crunchy, and I especially like the one with red onion and yoghurt & chipotle dressing but you’ve to eat mint after the onions. The corn soup with ginger piccadillo was familiar and comforting. The pollo con leche de coco or chicken in coconut milk had meat falling off the skin. All of us adored moqueca de peixe, a creamy Brazilian fish stew.

My two qualms are the location and the excess items with carbs: yellow rice, white rice, egg-and-potato tortilla, yellow potatoes, tomato rice, and deep-fried yuccas. If they could replace the carb items with protein items, that would be fantastic. But then again, given the affordable price of the buffet, I may be unreasonable in my demands.

Latin Quarter - Chicken in Coconut Milk

The Latin Quarter Singapore

87 Science Park Dr, #02-02, Science Hub, Singapore 118260
T: 6872 2029

M-F: 12-3pm Lunch
3-5pm High Tea (coming soon)

Rating: 3.563/5 stars

PS: Thank you, Sera, for the invite.

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