Lee’s Kitchen, Katong (Rebranded as Makan Dulu)

EDIT: Lee’s Kitchen changed its name to Makan Dulu.

Lee's Kitchen Singapore
Formerly known as House of Sundanese Food at Suntec, the rebranded Lee’s Kitchen still has a halal kitchen with Muslim chef; they are still waiting for their halal certification to be approved.

I was so hungry that I gobbled the food with much gusto. Although the rest of the RERG team thought the food was average to good, my hungry stomach said most dishes were awesome, possessing a homely touch. In general, the food was sweet and lemak (coconuty), not spicy.

Lee's Kitchen - Satay
Our top picks: (1) chicken satay (6 pc $7.20), from chicken thigh, was especially tender. It also had a charcoal aroma, reminiscent of wok hei, very delicious. (2) kang kung ($6.50) was stir-fried with soya bean paste. The bean paste is the salty bean that accompanies Teochew porridge. The combination of crunchy vegetables and salty bean was kick ass awesome.

Lee's Charcoal Fish
(3) The Lee’s Charcoal Fish ($27.20) was the specialty of the restaurant and a favorite of one of our members. He said he liked the sweet black sauce on the skin, made crispy and smoky by the charcoal fire.

Lee's Kitchen - Beef Rendang
(4) Although Yandao thought the beef rendang ($8.20) was average, the sweetness of the curry and tenderness of the beef made this dish a personal favorite.

Lee's Kitchen - Sotong
Other dishes we sampled that were not bad were the Taiwanese styled popiah ($2.80), very sweet with taupok and shredded carrot; char grilled sotong (2pc $9.60); and ayam bumbu (curry chicken, $5.50).

Lee's Kitchen - Sambal Eggplant
The daun singkong ($5.20) was tapioca leaves stewed in a lemak coconuty sauce, tasting like lontong. This dish is an acquired taste and since I was the only person in the group to have eaten it before, I was the only one who liked it. But skip the taupok goreng (4 pc $7.80), which was taupok stuffed with prawn, mushroom and water chestnut–quite bland; and skip the sambal eggplant ($5.80). The eggplant was so pretty, coming as a whole. And the sambal chili was delicious, like sweet and not-very-spicy cai po but the eggplant itself was oily and needed to be roasted longer.

Lee's Kitchen - Kueh Taram
For the dessert, the kueh taram is a must order. The top was a gelatinous pandan and the base was smooth mashed yam with shredded coconut, tinged with gula Melaka. The rest of the desserts, chendol and avocado smoothie, were so-so.

Chiobu mentioned that the service was very friendly and honest. When we wanted to order something, the manager said, “that one not very nice. I recommend you another dish” or “the chicken same sauce with the fish, why don’t you take the curry chicken?”

Our only grouse was the portions could be bigger but overall, the food was tasty and all the curries/spicy sauces tasted different, showing that they put in some effort to provide variety.

Makan Dulu (formerly known as Lee’s Kitchen)

865 Mountbatten Road
#01-41 Katong Shopping Centre
T: 6440 9661

Closed on Tue

Rating: 3.188/5 stars

PS: Thanks SQ for the invite, and the manager for the hospitality.

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  1. vitsited the restaurant on 12.10.2013 for dinner.
    food ok but please be informed that basically this restaurant charge you everything:
    S$0.20 for plain water, S$0.30 for a saucer of sambal belacan and etc…
    all these are before Government Tax and GST.


  2. ate with a bunch of 4 friends and we LOVED it. Had beef rendang, ayam bumbu (coconut curry), kangkong, eggplant (yes very nice!), tauhu telor (could have had more sauce), bbq chicken. Was surprised when the bill came because we only paid $65 for the 5 of us. Taxes etc included. This included drinks too. For the quality of food, we were very happy with the price. Sweet location, recommend to sit outside. Lovely breeze at night.


  3. Dear Lovely People. We are now called “Makan Dulu” which means to eat first in Bahasa. Tel is now: 64409661. The reason for changing our name is because many customers get confused that we are serving chinese cuisine/ zi char.. but of course that isnt the case :)


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