The Kitchen Table, W Hotel Singapore

The Kitchen Table Singapore
Once in a while, The Kitchen Table hosts celebrity chefs from all over the world. On top of its usual Sunday Champagne Brunch fare, celebrity chefs Peter Lloyd (from Spice Market London) and Anthony Ricco (from Spice Market New York) presented their famed dishes from 7-9 June.

The Kitchen Table - Anthony Ricco and Peter Lloyd
Chef Anthony Ricco (left) & Chef Peter Lloyd (right)

Spice Market is created by the decorated, Michelin-starred chef Jean-George Vongerichten. When I studied in New York, I ate at two of his restaurants, Jean-Georges and Perry Street, both Michelin-starred, and the food I had at W Hotel’s brunch was of similar standards to the two restaurants. Now you don’t have to take a 24-hour flight to eat good food.

The Kitchen Table Singapore - Tuna Tartar from Spice Market
Even the finicky eater, Chiobu, agreed with me that most of Spice Market’s creations were delightful. The tuna tartar (above) took us by surprise. The chili hid under the diced tuna and when we stirred, the emulsion became something like chilled tom yum, crunchy with Asian pear, refreshing with a touch of lime and lemongrass sorbet. We licked the bottom of the bowl.

The Kitchen Table - Garlic Rice from Spice Market
The Garlic rice was incredible. It was a runny sunny sideup, covered with fried garlic bits that had wok hei, atop rather wet rice. To eat it, mash everything up so each grain is coated with garlic and yolk. I said to Chiobu, “How is it possible an angmoh can cook Asian inspired dish better than Asian?”

Chiobu said, “Ok, stop eating carbs. We have other food to go through.”

“Ok,” and then I reached out for another scoop.

And Chiobu, aka Dementor incarnate, immediately put her palm over the rice. “NO!”

Sadness. The world had become a darker place.

The Kitchen Table - Cod Fish from Spice Market
Cod Fish from Spice Market Event

The only dish we didn’t quite like from the Spice Market Menu was the hamachi in ginger soy dressing, avocado and radish — too salty.

The Kitchen Table - Miso-Marinated Steak
Miso-Marinated Steak from Spice Market

One of the best things about such events at Kitchen Table is that you get to interact with the celebrity chefs who walk around and explain the food to you. But even the local chefs can banter: this was one of the rare occasions that I met local chefs who could chat like we were old friends. For instance, an Indian chef told me that the Sunday champagne Brunch is extremely popular, with 300 guests each time. So make reservations.

The Kitchen Table - Slow Cooked Salmon
We also sampled some of the regular items, such as tender braised beef cheeksroast steak, lamb, ribs, slow cooked salmon (above), slipper lobster, crabs, oysters, salmon sashimi, pasta cooked on the spot and the Indian section. They were a bit of hit and miss but the desserts were great, especially the ethereal panna cotta.

The Kitchen Table - Oysters from Regular Menu

The Kitchen Table - Roast Beef
Roast Beef

The Kitchen Table - Slipper Lobster
Slipper Lobster

The Kitchen Table - Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops from the Indian Section

The Kitchen Table - Desserts
Beautiful Desserts

The great ambience, overlooking the dock, and great service by both chefs and servers, added bonus points to the restaurant. If you opt for the champagne price, bring your swimwear, you have access to the swimming pool.

Kitchen Table Brunch Price

$108++ (without alcohol); $148++ with free flow champagne, red wine, white wine and beer.

The Kitchen Table

21 Ocean Way, W Hotel, Singapore 098374
T: 6808 7268
Sunday brunch: 12 noon – 4pm

Rating: 3.188/5 stars

ps: Thanks, Chisato and Ting Chiu, for the invite.

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