Running Man – Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ, Chinatown

EDIT: The shop has included “Running Man” in the name. Look for a Running Man sign.

Gangnam Restaurant Singapore
Korean paella!! Oppa gangnam style!

This is a new way of eating for me. Each meat order is for two persons but the server kindly allowed us to mix spicy chicken and spicy pork belly ($35 for 2 persons) together.

Gangnam Korean BBQ Singapore
The food arrived in a gigantic shallow pan that is about 60-70cm in diameter. The server stir-fried in front of us, let it stand and cook, returned to mix it again. He repeated the mixing 2-3 times.

Time to dig in! OUCH OUCH OUCH! This was extremely spicy. I was sweating excessively and the food still burned in my stomach the next day. “Extremely spicy” is the default of the restaurant so remember to request for less spicy if you can’t take spicy food like me.

Gangnam BBQ Singapore
The traditional way is: after you finish the meat, the server will add rice to the pan and stir-fry it with remaining sauce. But because it was so spicy for us, we requested the handsome server to add the rice immediately to dull the heat.

Service was friendly and genuine. While the taste was so-so, the meal was high on fun factor and very value for money. 3-4 people can eat the 2-person portion. We spent $40 for 2 persons. Come as a group.

Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ

3 Temple St Singapore 058556
T: 6220 9858
M-F: 12-2.30pm, 6-10.50pm
Sat & Sun: 5.30-10.50pm

Rating: 3.363/5 stars

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  1. The setting looks so old school and rustic! =)

    btw, when they fry the rice at the end of the meal, do they add any other stuff in? or just fry the rice with the remaining sauce? (trying my luck, although I know that you added your rice immediately.


  2. This is as authentic as Korean food can get cause the boss and wife (the only service staffs) are both Korean, and the chef is also hired from Korea (which the boss proudly proclaim as many other Korean shops hired Chinese chef. I love the cosy feeling there too. What impress me the most is when I bring my toddler daughter there for lunch, the boss just gave her a soft drink and korean style sushi for free… small gesture but really impressed me. Only minus side is the place is quite small, so will be advisable to make reservations.


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