Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

Words & Photos by Chiobu

Kazu Singapore - Chicken ball, Prawn Scallop, Pork Belly

We went Kazu on a Tuesday night and the whole place was packed. Best to make reservations before heading down. We were given counter seats right in front of the cooking area. The chef was jappy cute, and his assistant was as cute. The chef was polite and friendly, and I saw regulars going up to him for a toast. Sweet.

We’ve read reviews about the bad service but I thought the service was excellent. The guy at the entrance told us to take a seat while waiting for they look for a table for us. When we sat down, the waitress asked if it was our first time here and recommended the popular dishes to us. The waitresses topped up our hot tea regularly. When I broke my chopsticks and exclaimed Uh-Oh, the waitress immediately asked if I needed a new pair. Either their service has improved or we were just lucky that the service staff were in a good mood that day.

Kazu Singapore - Garlic Fried Rice

We ordered:

– Chicken Wings ($4.00)
– Foie Gras ($6.50)
– Kurobuta Pork Belly ($4.00)
– Wagyu Beef Rib (Australia) ($8.50)
– Garlic Pork Meat Balls ($2.50)
– Chicken Meat Balls ($3.00)
– Garlic Fried Rice ($7.00)
– Bacon Wrapped Scallop & Prawn x 2 ($11.00)
– Wild Chicken Thigh ($4.00)

Everything was good, except garlic fried rice. I loved the foie gras but it was a bit jelat after my 2nd stick.

Kazu - Wagyu Rib

Must order dishes include:
Foie Gras – heaven on earth
Wagyu Beef Rib (pictured above) – melts in your mouth
Bacon Wrapped Scallop & Prawn – super buttery and fragrant. It was such an intricate dish, the bacon was wrapped around the edges of scallop & prawn. Both scallop & prawn were huge and juicy.

Skip the garlic fried rice cos the rice was too oily and sticky. After a while, the rice became very very dry, I had to add lemon juice and pour the leftover oil from foie gras to soften it.

Our friends told us that we would stink after our meal there. Despite sitting right in front of the cooking area, we didn’t smell at all. We spent about $70 for two persons.

Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant

5 Koek Road #04-05 Cuppage Plaza
T: 6734 2492

6-10pm daily

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  1. Lousy horrible restaurant. Upsell me a rotten uni when i wanted from the box but upsell me a rotten one with the shell. Waitress said “special” and it was really “special”. Gave me my first major food poisoning. Horrible horrible horrible.


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