Todai, Marina Bay Sands

Todai Restaurant - Chilli Crabs
Chilli Crabs

Many people, including me, mistake that Todai is a Korean buffet restaurant. It is run by a Korean chef and many elements are Korean, but it is predominantly a seafood and sushi restaurant with international influences. Although the first Todai outlet opened in California in 1985, the Singapore’s branch answers to the Korean government. If you’re a fan of k-pop, you may be able to catch your idols at the restaurant when they visit Singapore. Many bands such as Girls Generation and Super Junior have patronized the restaurant. Even Justin Bieber ate here!

Todai Korea - Lamb Rack
Lamb Rack

There are 12 sections of the buffets, including the sushi, seafood, sashimi, Chinese cooked food, tempura, Italian pizzas, salads, tepanyaki, churrasco, desserts, etc. Like in Korea, the menu here changes according to the seasons.

Todai MBS - Sea Eel
The promotion for this season (ends in Aug) focuses on 10 “longevity food” (长生不老) to boost immune system such as abalone ginseng chicken soup and bbq sea eel (above). We also went on a “special night” (Tue & Thu) when they serve snow crabs and grilled and roasted items.

Todai Buffet - Lamb Chops
Was I glad I went on a special night because their grilled items were fantastic, and the best food in the buffet. The lamb chops (above) were nicely charred outside and tender within, without the lamb stench. The flank steak was grilled to a beautiful medium-rare and the ribs were juicy although the pork belly was a tad tough.

Todai Abalone Buffet

There were other good dishes such as duck with fig caramel sauce, oven-broiled fish wrapped with bacon, and escargot with cream sauce.

Todai menu - red crab
Snow Crabs

But on a whole, most of the dishes were ok, nothing to shout about but nothing to complain about too. For instance, the maki rolls have such fun names, volcano, spider, cunch, white dragon. Drizzled with creamy sauces, they were just ok.

Todai Korean Buffet - Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup
Or another example, the abalone ginseng chicken soup (pictured above) was comforting but a tad light for me.

Todai Singapore - Green Tea Swiss Roll
The meal ended happily with most of the desserts being excellent. The desserts are all made in-house freshly, so they are especially good. We all sang praises of the mango cheesecake and matcha mouuse cake, so intense yet so delicate that a light touch would collapse the cake.

Todai Buffet Price

M & W: $42++ (adult); $22++ (child)
T & Th (special days): $46+/$26+
F: $46+/$26+
Sat, Sun & PH: $64+/$26+

M & W: $58++ (adult); $22++ (child)
T & Th (special days): $68+/$26+
F-Sun & PH: $68+/$26+

Todai Restaurant

2 Bayfront Ave
#B2-01 The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972
T: 6688 7771
M-Sat: 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10pm
Sun: 11.30am-4pm, 5-10pm

Rating: 2.908/5 stars

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ps: Thanks HungryGoWhere and Todai for the invite.


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