Hai Xian Zhu Zhou (Koka Noodles) 海鲜煮粥, Yishun

Words and photos by Chiobu

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou - Koka Noodles The Koka noodles is so good that it makes me crave for it! I’ll come here with my colleagues during lunch at least once a week. Order the Tomyam Pork Koka Noodles with egg ($3.80) or just order the Pork Koka Noodles ($3.50). Comes with generous servings of vegetables. The pork slices are tender, the minced pork is so tasty and liver is soft. Soup is always so delicious and I’ll always finish up the last drop of soup! My recommendation for chilli lovers, the ultimate challenge – ask aunty for chilli padi to go with the tomyam noodles as shown in the pic. It’s heaven on earth!

Other recommended koka noodles – seafood koka and fish slice koka.

Remember to tell uncle/aunty your table number when you order else they will be unhappy.

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou 海鲜煮粥

Blk 233 Yishun Street 21,
Choh Dee Place, #01-472,
Singapore 760233


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  1. There’s another Koka Noodle at Blk 163A Gansa Road (Bukit Panjang). It’s so good that if you go on weekend , be prepared to wait for 45 mins for you noodle. The price is slightly cheaper too $3 for Pork koka noodles with egg.


  2. Its koka instant noodle, but the main thing is its generous portion or meat and veggies at a great price. Also, the broth is made from fresh ingredients, not the instant noodle’s packaging, which makes it nice to eat and less sinful.


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