The Little Prince Cafe 小王子咖啡座, Little India

The Little Prince Cafe Singapore

The Little Prince Cafe Little India
Inspired by the children’s story, The Little Prince, the murals on the walls are hand-painted by the owner herself. Madam Shen Tan, owner of now-defunct Wok & Barrel, acts as a consulting chef to the menu.

The Little Prince Cafe Somme Road - Iced Lemon Tea & Iced Mocha

The cafe is small and can sit less than 20 people. “It’s a good concept,” Chiobu said, “but there is nothing more. There is no aroma of coffee rushing to greet you when you walk in and the food was good but nothing captivating.”

The Little Prince Cafe SG - croissants
Indeed, the menu was limited and we ate almost everything. The  “mini-croissants,” which were misleadingly named as sandwiches ($6.90), came only in two flavors: tuna mayo and egg mayo. The croissants were crispy, not fluffy, and the tuna mayo tasted like a creamier version from the canned ones.

The Little Prince Cafe Farrer Park - Scones
The homemade scones ($4.50), in two flavors of seaweed or raisin, were ok but not moist, and came with a nice homemade clotted cream.

The Little Prince Cafe - Quiche
Chiobu found the mushroom quiche ($6.90) bland and not cooked long enough, although it was acceptable to me.

The Little Prince Plate
The selling points of the cafe are the great service; reasonable pricing and wonderful concept of the cafe, but we wonder if the limited menu and average food can keep the place buoyant. Including an iced lemon tea ($4.50) and iced mocha ($5.50)–both were smooth and clean–we spent $30 for two and had an enjoyable time there.

The Little Prince Cafe Singapore

62 Somme Road #01-03 Singapore 207877
W-Sun: 12-10pm

Rating: 2.938/5 

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