Staycation: Studio M Hotel Singapore

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Studio M Hotel Sg
I was 3 and a half years old when I was introduced to my first Disney Princess movie – Snow White . My goals for when I grew up were very clear back then : A) Must have a room with awesome windows so that I can do my morning song and have cute forest creatures cuddle up to me B) Must have my ultimate Prince to give my first kiss to C)Must surround myself with shorter & less fortunate looking friends.

Alas! Life always has a wicked sense of humor and I ended up with Prince Chiam-ings who fell short, friends who were much hotter than me and 1 meter long HDB windows.

Here was where Studio M came to the rescue with their gorgeous 2 storey ceiling to floor windows. Tada!!

Studio M Hotel Patio Loft

The first place that Huccalily ALWAYS checks in every new venue : Le Toilet lor.
Studio M Hotel Staycation - Toilet Studio M Hotel Singapore - Toilet

Studio M’s toilets are very much European/Japanese style, where the showering & bodily waste releasing facilities are separated into 2 individual areas. For guests who wish to re-enact Skyfall’s sexy shower scene – this is not the toilet for you. In addition, the hand washing area is weirdly located outside the toilet area, where the bar area is. This means…if you are having guests over, do routinely clean the toilet door handles.

In Studio M’s website, it is described as “…Singapore’s first fully loft-inspired hotel where style and functionality are key”. And live up to the minimalistic sleekness, they did. In any place possible, a hidden storage compartment can be found within the 1st level living room area. Seng Kang/ Punggol HDB owners to be, should rent a night in Studio M just to get inspired the Zen-ness of their design.

Studio M Hotel Review - Patio
The patio is a generously sized area, in comparison to the size of the 1st level quarters in the Patio Loft room, that came with comfortable lounging furniture. Num nua time!! The only thing that was lacking in the patio was the installation of some lighting or hipster fairy lights so that guests could lounge there in the evenings.

Studio M Hotel Nanson Road - Loft
The 2nd level of all Studio M’s lofts are, as what celebrities in MTV cribs say, “where the magic happens”. An open flight of steps link the 1st level to the 2nd level sleeping zone. RERG cautions all those who have dainty feet, like me, to remember to hold on to the railings and wear non-slip socks!

Waking up the morning after in Studio M is the sexiest thing ever. Remember to draw the curtains wide open at night so that you rise to the sunlight gently Instagram-ish filtering in. We also recommend doing yoga stretches in your birthday suit along the loft windows – it is an entirely liberating atas experience and we will definitely be back for more.

Note: We had 10% discount and paid $400 for the patio loft.

Other Facilities

Studio M Hotel Robertson Quay

Studio M Hotel Facilities - Pool

Studio M Hotel Facilities - Gym

Studio M Hotel Singapore

3 Nanson Road, Singapore 238910
T: 6808 8888

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