Saladworks Singapore
Confession: In one and a half year of food tastings, I’ve gained 23 kg. To go back to my hour-glass figure, I’ve been creating my own salads at home. How to create a good salad? I’ve discovered the secret: there must be a nice balance. There should be something sweet, something crunchy, something savory, something robust–and add salt and pepper.

Saladworks JEM
Salads are neatly displayed.

The two salads we tasted–Fire Roasted Cabo Jack ($12.20) and Napa Steak ($15.50, pictured below)–had most of the combination of sweetness, crunchiness, savoriness and robustness. For instance, the napa steak has grapes (sweet), sunflower seeds (crunch), and steak (savory). It lacked a robustness – but you can add “egg” to make up for it. Besides, the steak came in 5oz (140g), well worth the money.

Saladworks Jurong - Napa Steak

There are two things we liked: (1) the vegetables were crunchy and very fresh and (2) the meats–steak, salmon and chicken–were grilled on the spot, hot upon order. I had my steak medium-rare and it turned out beautiful.

Seared Salmon Sandwich
If you want some carbs, opt for the seared salmon sandwich ($14.70). The muenster cheese complemented the salmon, seared at the surface and beautifully raw inside–not a whiff of fishiness at all. A very good sandwich with a beautiful bun, crispy at the crust but soft within.

Saladworks - Juices
Healthy juices and green tea from familiar American brands available. Acai is the most antioxidant fruit of all–must drink. 

Our minor gripe is the service. The servers were very nice and polite but disorganized. It took forever for them to serve a salad. They could have formed an assembly line, like Subway, and serve customers faster. Some training is required.

Saladworks is the largest franchise salad shop in US and I never thought I’d say this of franchise— Saladworks is one of the best salad shops in Singapore. The food was fresh, healthy and tasty and Huccalily was full after 3/4 of a plate of salad. Situating at Jurong is both innovative and a pity because Saladworks brought salads to the heartland but the heartland isn’t ready for salads. If this shop were in town, its business would be booming.

Saladworks Singapore

50 Jurong Gateway Rd, JEM (Jurong East Mall) #02-19, Singapore 608459
T: 6765 1992

10am-10pm daily.

Rating: 3.381/5 stars

ps: Thanks, Zixuan, Mitch and Amos, for the invite.

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. Dear Nathanael,

    On behalf of everyone at Saladworks Singapore, thank you for the wonderful review! To extend our appreciation to you and fellow readers, you can now enjoy our Carver Salads/Sandwiches at $11.90 on weekdays from 12-4pm or enjoy our daily specials (salads/wraps) at only $6.90 from 12-8pm. We do apologise in advance if you or your fellow readers are unable to get a seat during lunch/dinner hours and seek your understanding for the longer waiting time to be served. We sure hope to see you again soon!

    Warmest regards,


  2. Went for a visit on a weekday night after reading this review, but was sorely disappointed by the service and the freshness of the food. Ordered the half salad + sandwich combo. Service was polite and eager but the organisation behind the counter was horrible, servers seemed to be in a constant state of confusion of whom to serve, and no one seemed to know which station they were supposed to be at. With 2 people in front of me in the queue, it took about 5 minutes for someone to take my order. Lettuce in the display and my salad had tinges of brown, which may have been a result of the ingredients being left out for too long. Hopefully with better training, time and experienced staff Saladworks may eventually become a place to grab a decent meal.


    • Yes I do think the organization needs some improvement too.

      Actually, the service staff didn’t even know we would be there for the tasting. We took them by surprise so I’d thought the freshness of the food should be similar on normal days but perhaps the quality wasn’t consistent.


  3. Was really excited when I first heard of this place as there isn’t many salad bars in the west. However, I was rather disappointed on my first visit as the portion ( i ordered the create your own salad) is really small compared to what other salad bars serve ): but the plus point is they have meats for toppings without extra charges! (: Saladworks, more green base please!!


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