Tim Ho Wan, Toa Payoh

Tim Ho Wan Toa Payoh
On my way to gym when I saw the Tim Ho Wan sign. IT IS NOW OPENED AT TOA PAYOH!!!!! (Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.) Goodbye muscular chest; Sorry, Operation Superhot, you will have to wait another day.

Tim Ho Wan Singapore - Spinah dumpling
Look at how thin the skin of Spinach dumpling with shrimp ($3.80) was. I dislike vegetables but this was so good!

Since THW came to Singapore at Plaza Singapura, it radically changed the dim sum scene and I cannot eat at another dim sim place without comparing it to THW. And THW wins every round. Its secret? Dim sum made fresh on-the-spot. 

Tim Ho Wan Menu Singapore - Char Siew Bao
I was alone, and couldn’t eat much dim sum but from what I ate, it was as good as the Dhoby Ghaut outlet. The famous baked bun with BBQ pork 叉烧包 ($4.50 for 3) was still wonderful. It was smaller than Dhoby Ghaut’s but the sweet tender BBQ pork filled the bun–no more air pockets–and the bun tasted a little like po lor bao.

Tim Ho Wan Singapore - cheong fun
The vermicelli roll with pork liver ($5.50) was still beautiful. The roll was soft as a whisper. If I am picky, I’d say the liver was just very very slightly overcooked. But I’d still recommend it.

Good service by aunties and uncles!

Including two sets of char siew buns that I tabao for my family, I paid about $28. THW is definitely a winner! Highly recommended!

Tim Ho Wan Singapore

450 Toa Payoh Lor 6, ERA Centre #02-02
T: 6483 2000 (no reservation)
12-7.30pm (last order) (This is the pre-opening hours. Hours will change once it opens officially.)
Tim Ho Wan Singapore Menu

Rating: 4.075/5 stars

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  1. Dunno you stupid or what. Michelin rating does not work like this. Individual restaurant is rated on its own. Singapore THW has zero Michelin star! I think you too engrossed in the whole Michelin thing until it affects your taste buds.


    • … I know Singapore doesn’t have Michelin star. I never say Singapore has stars worx. Your England fail leh. You’re not a regular reader, right? If you are, you will read bad reviews we write on chefs who have worked at Michelin-starred kitchens. Why so angsty wor? THW your enemy? Take a chill pill lah.


  2. Well, to each his own. There are just some senseless people typing out of the norm. But anyway, I would say THW’s dim sum is good as its made freshly and the dim sum is really piping hot when its served and the Char Siew bun is really a Cannot missed dish, so today my Gf went to tapao for me as there isn’t much people yet. Nice.. Good. The sweetness of the Char Siew is well marinated and cook in good timing to prevent the meat from being too tough and dry. Something which requires good Chet’s skill.


  3. Woohoo, thanks to your info yesterday. I should make a T-shirt that says “I don’t need to line up at Tim Ho Wan”
    Pop by before 3pm today at THW Toa Payoh, no queue and half of the place is empty. How I wish it will remain like this forever…. :)


    • Lol. That bugs you doesn’t it?

      The 3 decimal place is a joke, making fun of the seriousness of food ratings, but we do have a way of calculation.

      Average of 8/10 (service) + 7.5/10 (value) + 9 (food), then reduce to upon 5. It comes to 4.08333333333.

      For fancy places, I’ll rate the decor too. Although THW isn’t a fancy place, I thought, given THW’s background, decor is only somewhat important. So I deducted some points for the normal decor and round it to 4.075. The rounding off part is the only subjective component and is usually plus/minus 0.1 or so, so as not to disrupt the objectiveness too much.


  4. Wah! You’re so heng! I rmb I queued for 90 minutes when THW just opened @ Plaza Singapura.. Glad to hear that there’s no queue and the food standard is still good. I will chiong down and try soon. But on another hand.. now that you have spread the word.. if the crowd goes to TP then maybe I should head down to PS instead.. wahahahaa~~


  5. Hi there! Is it fully launched/opened to the public already? I can see some posts online that only EAC agents (?) are allowed to go for the soft opening? Would you know if I can do take-away? Would really appreciate your response! Thanks! :) And I am so glad I saw your post about THW in Toa Payoh. I always get discouraged to try TWH in Plaza Sing due to the looooong queue.


  6. But then according to THW FB page, they only allow people who are affiliated to ERA to enter the restaurant. Can u clarify on this?


  7. Oh is finally opened! Though in my neighborhood but I don’t even know lol! Thanks for the post! Going to try soon! Hope the people at PS won’t come to Tpy! Lol!


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