Quality Cafe, Quality Hotel Balestier

Quality Cafe Singapore
Quality Cafe advertises itself for “Taiwan Porridge Buffet” but it is so much more than just porridge. When we were there, it had 2 types of porridge–sweet potato and cuttlefish–and Taiwanese porridge condiments like salted egg, fermented beancurd (love!), pork floss, etc.

Quality Cafe Taiwan Porridge - Chili Crab
But there were also chili crab, braised duck (goes so well with porridge!), 5-spiced chicken, dory fish steamed with salted vegetables, mutton, prawns, sotong, fried kway tiao, chicken feet (!!!), curry chicken, popiah, etc.

Quality Cafe Sg - Prawns
The food was generally prepared well. Usually for buffets, the meat items under constant heat will become tough and dry but at Quality Cafe, the meat retained a bouncy texture. We especially loved the sotong, cooked perfectly, and had a boink boink without being rubbery.

Quality Cafe - chicken feet
Some sauces were a little weak and there were a few misses but honestly, the buffet is only $18.80+!! Who cares about those 4 dishes that we didn’t like? So cheap, eat until si bei shiok! My eating companion asked, “How does the restaurant earn money??”

As it is with buffets with good value, THIS IS WAR! RAWR! Grannies and grandpas were snatching food, which was a little comical. See the boy above? He cut my queue for the delicious laksa. HAHA. Quite funny, being bullied by a little boy.

This is a family place and a place for colleagues afterwork. Apparently, this buffet is quite popular. Two of our contributors have tried it before and we ran into two separate groups of colleagues dining here. Definitely value for money. Worth a visit now and then if you live nearby. Opens till 12.30am!

Quality Cafe Porridge Buffet Price

Dinner (6-10pm): M-Th: $18.80+ (adult), $11.80+ (child)/ F-Sun: $20.80+ (adult), $11.80+ (child)
Supper (10.30pm-12.30am): M-Th: $11.80+ (adult), $6.80+ (child)/ F-Sun: $13.80+ (adult), $6.80+ (child)

Quality Cafe @ Quality Hotel

201 Balestier Road, Quality Hotel Marlow level 1, Singapore 329926
T: 6233 6363

Rating: 3.188/5 stars

PS: Thanks, Faith, for the invite.

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  1. Hi, all! Just wished to find out whether this restaurant’s food HALAL? I intended to bring Muslim friend there for a try as it seemed too good to resist.


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