CLOSED: Pot Shop Boys 张和记, French Road

Pot Shop Boys Singapore
Sandwiched between a multi-storey carpark and a FairPrice supermarket, Pot Shop Boys–pun on the band, Pet Shop Boys–sells only one dish, a street food from Kuala Lumpur. Mee tai mak or lo shu fun (loosely translated as mouse just wanna have fun) is cooked in a claypot with soy sauce, lots of lard, pork liver, minced pork, pork balls, and some prawns. $4 (small) or $4.50 (big). So KL-ish that this Pot Shop Boy is konfirmed not a New York City Boy.

Pot Shop Boys Lavender It came boiling hot and the awesomeness exploded in the mouth. It was so delicious and lardy (but not greasy) that Huccalily asked, “Is this legal in Singapore? I want another bowl before it gets banned!” It was so good It’s A Sin.

Nothing Flamboyant about the kopitiam. Go east to Lavender where Pot Shop Boys is and don’t Go West, West End Girls. Food so good it will be Always On My Mind and Heart. In other words, sibei ho chiakMust try.

Pot Shop Boys Singapore

Blk 808 French Road, Kitchener Complex, Tai Sun Eating House 大山美食中心 Stall 6, Singapore 200808
T: 9380 7949
10am-7pm. Closed on Sun.

Rating: 4.150/5 stars

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