Jane Thai, Orchard

jane thai - som tam
The stalwart of Thai food in Singapore.

jane thai - moo yang

The recommended moo yang (bbq pork, $10, pictured above) was disappointing and came cold. But everything else was quite pitch perfect and hit the right spot. The tom yum ($10) was chokingly spicy, which was bold and a nice change from dumb-down tom yum. The som tam or papaya salad ($8) was appetizing, crispy, tangy and sourish. Kai jieow moo sap (omelette with minced pork, $8) was savory but greasy and not so good when cooled. We thought the gaeng keow wan (green curry, $10) was authentic with green eggplants (which are native to Thailand). Ka Pao Neue (stir-fried pork with basil, $10) was more like minced pork. It was also oily but tasty. The gai hor bai toei (chicken in pandan leaves, 4 pcs, $10) was tender and the scent of pandan completely infused in the chicken.

jane thai - Ka Pao Neue
While the food was good, we thought that the winning factor comes from the ambience. Eating at Orchard Towers, known as “four floors of whores,” reminded us a lot of Patpong, the red light district in Bangkok.

It gets crowded very quickly so cum quickly. If you can, choose to sit along the corridor because if you sit in the dingy (hence lovely) interior, your clothes may smell. Five of us spent about $15 each. Ate until shiok.

Jane Thai

400 Orchard Road #04-30 Orchard Towers Singapore 238875
T: 9174 1616

M-F: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-12am
Sat: 5pm-3am
Sun: 3pm-2am

Rating: 3.938/5 stars

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  1. I don’t like their food. My friends do. I went there (after several visits) with another gf last year. They did not have the fried fish we usually order. They suggested steamed seabass. The flesh was “powdery” and we LS. Never went back there again.


  2. Had an unpleasant experience with my gf last yr. We haven’t even finished our meal when the staff tried to combine our small table with 3 other new customers. There was obviously no space for everyones food on the table so we felt like they were trying to get rid of us quickly.


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