CLOSED: Craft Bakery Cafe Holland Village

Craft Bakery Singapore
Craft Cafe is brought to us by the same people of 3 Inch Sin, so naturally the molten chocolate cakes are a must-eat, and therefore we avoided it.

Craft Cafe Singapore - Spam frites
At first, we thought the spam frites ($5) were small for $5 but they were hot from the deep-fryer and very, very addictive, done just right, not overly salty. And though a small portion, the three of us had difficulty finishing it. However, the dish of the day, beef stew ($13, below), was so-so. The taste didn’t come on strong enough and the color was strange, different from the darker stews we had.

Craft Cafe Holland Village - beef stew

On the other hand, the bacon mac n cheese ($12.50) was one of the best mac & cheese we had tasted. It had two cheeses, and thus, had a complexity–was it mozzarella that caused those visually stunning strands of cheese? There was a piquant taste–surely they didn’t dare use a smelly cheese? But it was greasy and could be too much. Best to be shared.
Craft Cafe Sg - Mac & Cheese

Since we eschewed the chocolate molten cakes, we went for a waffle with ice cream ($7). At this price, the waffle ought to be made fresh but it wasn’t. It was already made, and then reheated.
craft bakery cafe menu - waffles

One other area that we thought could be improved is the decor. A cafe has to show the character of the owner, and this cafe is pretty plain.

When we were there, our friend was working as a waitress, and she gave a 10% discount. SCORE! So the service was awesome, and psst… there was a very, very handsome young Eurasian waiter that made us question if we were lao tik-ko. Including a mocha ($7, from Papa Pahelta Coffee) and a horlick nutella twist ($7.50), we trio spent $52 or about $17 per pax, a rather reasonable price for brunch.

Craft Bakery & Cafe Singapore

24A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277683
T: 6467 7710
Sun-Th: 12-11 pm; F & Sat: 12pm-12am

Rating: 3.063/5 stars

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. Plain decor and some not-so-great dishes? Never mind.
    “very, very handsome young Eurasian waiter” is enough to convince me to visit.


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