Department of Caffeine, Duxton

Words and Photos by Chiobu

Department of Caffeine Singapore
Friday evening, 6 plus. We loved the cosy decor as dying natural light glowed behind the frosted glass door, like we were secluded in our own world. We were told that the kitchen was closed and they only had whatever was displayed at the counter because they were preparing for weekend crowd. Strange reason. Thankfully, Buttermilk waffles were still available. We ordered food from the counter, expecting it to be bad. I mean, counter food = food displayed there for the whole day = not freshly made = not nice right?

Department of Caffeine Tanjong PagarBam! Wrong. The food was marvelous and we were impressed. The crisp skin of the roast chicken ($15) smelt and tasted delicious. So tender, you could easily peel off the meat from the bones. The soba salad, that came with the chicken, was the bomb: Seasoned with wakame, sesame, chilli & herbs, it was savoury. We should have gotten the large soba salad, which was an additional $2.

From the counter dishes, you can also choose Poached Salmon for a main. Other choices of salads include Chargrilled Broccoli and Roasted Butternut Squash. You can mix and match mains and salads. Or you can also just order the salad. Regular salad is $13, Large salad is $15. So ex hor.

Department of Caffeine Waffles
For the Buttermilk Waffles with New Zealand Natural premium vanilla ice cream ($12.50), you can choose between blueberry compote or butter rum bananas. We had butter rum bananas and since Yandao doesn’t take bananas, the server very nicely said he would put it aside for us. The waffles was OK. Maple syrup always makes everything nice.

Department of Caffeine MenuThe pleasing Café Latte ($5), which was light bodied, had no bitter aftertaste.

We will definitely come back here, when we are around this area. The food was healthy and very delicious. We have been there twice already and we still crave for the food. Maybe the next time, we’ll try the 8-hour Pulled Pork sandwich ($14.50).

Dept of Caffeine

15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481
T: 6223 3426
M-F: 10.30am-7.30pm
S-S: 9.30am-7.30pm

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