CLOSED: Pasta Vista Cafe & Bar, East Coast

pasta vista singapore

I must be honest: there is nothing very special about the one-year-old establishment with whitewash brickwall and pop art pieces for sale. But Pasta Vista got the fundamentals right: delicious food at affordable prices, mains from $10 to $15. The food came hot, a very important factor for me. The menu is divided into finger food, soups, salads, pastas, mains and desserts.

Pasta Vista East Coast - Clayfish Bucatini
A special creation of Pasta Vista, the baby crayfish bucatini ($12.90) has a soft-boiled egg, roe and bouncy nail-sized crayfish. Bucatini is a thick version of a hollow spaghetti so that the cream tomato sauce could permeate into it. The spicy sauce tasted slightly like chili crab sauce. It was good, but not our favorite dish of the night. 

Pasta Vista Sg - Pan-fried fish in blanc beurre
Pan-fried fish with yuzu beurre blanc (white butter) ($14.90) was surprisingly sweet, not zesty. They use creme snapper for the fish, which had a nice bite. Competently done.

Pasta Vista Singapore - Chicken Gordon Bleu
Dish of the night: they make limited amount of chicken Gorden bleu ($12.50) daily. It was chicken thigh, stuffed with honey ham and cheddar cheese, breaded and deep-fried. Although I’d like cheese to ooze, the result was a hot and tender chicken that was contrasted with a crispy crust. A win.

Pasta Vista Katong - Lava Cake
Only three choices for desserts, I promised to stop eating after a bite of the chocolate melted cake ($7.90) but it didn’t happen. I finished it. A poke and it burst open. Very fragrant. It tasted ok, more sugary than chocolatey, but it was one of those things that once you pop, you can’t stop.

Pasta Vista Cafe & Bar

95 East Coast Road, Singapore 428793
T: 6348 9097
S-Th: 12pm-10pm, F-Sat: 12pm-12am
Pasta Vista Menu Page 1 and Page 2

Rating: 3.188/5 stars

PS: Thanks, Aaron, for the invite.

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