Shang Palace, Shangri-La Singapore

Shang Palace Menu Singapore
Masterchef Steven Ng, 
with over 30 years of experience, has created a new menu befitting of the beautiful and grand Shang Palace. As a whole, the Cantonese-influenced new dishes have a balance of tradition and innovation. The delicate dishes may be a tad healthy for people who prefer oily, salty, heavy-handed food.

Shang Palace Singapore - Braised abalone pork belly
A good example of balancing tradition and innovation is the braised abalone and pork belly 鲍鱼仔红烧肉 ($28/pax). While the abalone didn’t enhance the dish, the pork belly was so tender it dissolved in the mouth. The innovation was in the unique sauce: it was an epic journey from a mild sweetness to a mild vinegary, polishing off with a tangy aftertaste. An almost familiar yet elusive and complex taste, like a dream you try to remember.

Shang Palace dim sum - lamb shoulder

My second favorite was the Masterchef roasted lamb shoulder 功夫明炉烧羊肩 ($98 for whole, suitable for 10pax). Didn’t have the gamey stench but had a wonderful caramelized char-siew tasting burnt ends. (Whisper to the carving chef you want the charred tips.)

Shang Palace Orchard - yellow croaker
The health conscious Huccalily picked crispy yellow croaker 掓盐黄花鱼 ($14) as her favorite. Although deep-fried, there was not a drop of grease on the plate. While I didn’t think it was as innovative as the rest, the crispy exterior and moist fresh flesh made this dish pleasing.

Shang Palace SG - Lobster noodles
A worthy mention was the stewed lobster noodles 姜葱龙虾焖生面 ($38/pax). While the noodles could become soggy after some time, the dish evoked an emotion in us, as if we were in Hong Kong.

Shang Palace KL - Braised Birds Nest
The only dish that didn’t impress me from the new menu was braised bird’s nest 红烧蟹肉燕窝 ($48/pax). Shangri-La made an ethical decision to ban shark’s fin in all its hotels but bird’s nest is a poor substitute because the soup didn’t have the texture and robustness of shark’s fin soup. However, since shark’s fin is tasteless, my judgement might be purely psychological.

Shang Palace - Desserts
Shang Palace’s Three Treasures: Chilled Fig Jelly, Baked Cashew Custard Pastry and Chilled Double-Boiled Red Dates & Apricot ($14)

But all in all, after sampling 8 dishes, I perceived Masterchef Ng’s philosophy: to retain traditional taste while moving on with the times, with modern healthy cuisine. I was stuffed by the end of the meal but because it was light and healthy, I didn’t feel bogged down or drowsy. A healthier option for those accustomed to Big Meat Big Fish.

Shang Palace 香宫 Singapore

22 Orange Grove Road, Shangri-La Hotel Lobby, Singapore 258350
T: 6213 4473
Shang Palace Menu
M-F: 12-2.30pm; 6-10.30pm
Sat, Sun &PH: 10.30am-3pm, 6-10.30pm

Rating: 3.303/5 stars

PS: Thanks, Josephine and Shubhra, for the hospitality.

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  1. shang used to be great, and then I was let down by their dimsum a year-plus-plus ago and then never returned.

    the braised bird’s nest doesn’t sound logical! it seems like it’d be too soft to stand up to the stodge of the starchy soup.


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