Ju Shin Jung, West Coast

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant
There is something so magnificent about seeing a table covered every inch with food, no space till plates stacked on plates: it’s plate-ception! A plate of a la carte meat is quite expensive, ranging from $18-$60. But from Mon to Thur, there is buffet dinner for $35+.

Ju Shin Jung West Coast
It is a full service restaurant so well-trained servers will BBQ the meat for you. The service was superb. Managed by a Korean guy who went around making jokes with customers, the servers took initiative to top up vegetables and asked us if we wanted more meat.

Ju Shin Jung Sg Menu
For the buffet, there are only 4 types of meat: pork belly (above), pork loin (below), marinated pork, and marinated chicken. But they were ample for us. Just one round and the 5 of us went into food coma. If you want more variety, you can order a la carte beef at 50%.

Ju Shin Jung Dinner Buffet

For the price, the food was rather good. The marinated meats were tasty; the ban chan (side dishes) were addictive and better than most Korean restaurants; and you must get the grilled fish (included in the buffet, pictured below), which had crispy skin and moist flesh. Even the spicy tofu soup and bibimbap were superior. But avoid the cold noodles.
Ju Shin Jung Buffet Price

There are traditional floor seating, normal tables and chairs, and private rooms. For families, there is even a playground for children.

Ju Shin Jung Price

This is an awesome place, except for the location. Although it’s across Haw Par Villa MRT station, you can say it’s a place where birds don’t lay eggs. Highly recommended for Korean food lovers looking for a bargain.

Ju Shin Jung Singapore

27 West Coast Highway, WestWay #01-18 Singapore 117867
T: 64640872
M: 6-10pm
T-Sun: 12-2.30pm, 6-10pm

Rating: 3.719/5 stars

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