Bedrock Bar & Grill, Somerset

Bedrock Bar & Grill Singapore
When we walked in for lunch, we went waaaahhh, so atas. Beautifully decorated in dark wood and leather, a very classy and classic steakhouse. But the service was atrocious. Ms Atas asked for a glass of wine and the waiter asked, “Do you want red or white?”

“Do we have a choice?” Ms Atas said.

At this point, the waiter should have brought us the wine menu. Instead, he said this word very slowly, “Yesss.” Pregnant pause. And then he repeated slowly in an impatient tone, “Red or white?” as if we were idiots.

Why couldn’t he just bring us the wine menu?! Why did he have to so condescending?

Bedrock Bar & Grill Set Lunch
Mac & Cheese, side dish for the steak.

For lunch, a 2-course set lunch costs about $30, and a 3-course costs very slightly more. But there was only one starter available (an tomato soup that day) and only one dessert (a respectable carrot cake). So Ms Atas and I didn’t see a point of ordering a 3-course meal. We ordered a 2-course meal each, sharing the starter and dessert.

Bedrock Bar & Grill - Ribeye

The tomato soup and carrot cake were ok but the steaks were terrible. Both the ribeye (above) and striploin (below) were cold and stringy and tough. The striploin was strangely, slightly tastier.

Bedrock Bar & Grill - Striploin

Bedrock Grill - Carrot Cake

After hearing rave reviews, this was disappointing. Including a glass of expensive red wine at $24, we paid $102 for two for set lunch. There are other places that are cheaper and serve better food in Orchard. The unpleasant service colored our taste for the food. This won’t make it to our top 5 favorite steakhouses in Singapore.

Bedrock Bar & Grill Singapore

96 Somerset Road #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, Singapore 238163
T: 6238 0054

12-2.30pm, 6.30-10.30pm (Closed on Sun)

Rating: 2.878/5 stars

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. i think the question “Do we have a choice?”, could be interpreted as a Yes or No response. If you wanted the wine menu, why not just be clearer?


    • true, but regardless of the interpretation of question, his condescending attitude was clearly in the wrong. We were not to be blamed for his poor attitude.

      Usually at fancy restaurants, they would just give you the food and wine menus. He assumed that we didn’t know wines and didn’t bother to bring us the wine menu to let us make up our own mind. Ms Atas is quite a wine connoisseur. Even if he were lazy to get the wine menu, then list out the wines: say “for red wines, we have… and white wines, we have…”


  2. always baffles me when staff get so hoity toity – what is the point of making your customers feel unwelcome? I’m not sure who they think they are modeling themselves after either – since the poshest places usually have fantastic staff.


    • I was wearing tee shirt and berms. I think service staff really watch what the patron wears. Recently, I was at a restaurant in cbd area where everyone was in suits and I was in tee and jeans and the manageress ignored me completely.


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